Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga and her celebrity scent

Can I just yawn my way out of all these celebo-scents? Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with a famous person having a fragrance out bearing their name and ugly (or pretty, as the case is) mug on the bottle, but so very often the juice inside is just swill... Not to mention it's often unlikely that there would be any class involved (see this) or innovation (see that) or at the very least a sense of continuity with the "brand? (see that, for Pete's sake).
At any rate, who else but Lady Gaga, the major pop culture phenomenon of the last -oh, how long was it, again?- years, to bring out a new celebrity fragrance. According to People, Gaga has signed a deal with Coty to launch her own fragrance, set to be in stores in spring 2012. The lady herself has been known to wear Chanel Gardenia. Go figure! Who knows how the new fragrance will smell like, but I guess we're to be greeted with news of "rock accords" and "jarring fashion sense chords" soon.
Wondering what will really set it apart? Perhaps much like the eponymous pop star's garments, it will require special staff to hold on and use for its designated purpose. Or something...

Photo of Lady Gaga in all her feathered glory via zimbio


  1. Cortney Bennett19:06

    I gasped in excitement when I read this post! I adore every step Lady Gaga takes on this earth - she even follows me on Twitter, yee! I criticize some of craziness but adore even more some of the wildest stunts she pulls. I appreciate her because she has said herself that the biggest misconception about her is that "Lady Gaga is a character."

    I cannot wait to find out what her perfume will smell like and predict that millions of bottles will be purchased simply because her name is on it. I'm not sure if I will buy it just because it's her perfume, but I will definitely be testing it! I am too excited!

  2. Gaga is really interesting...I think a lot of people just don't get what she is doing. I'm not sure I do, either but I can't look away. Whatever the fragrance will be, I don't think she is about rock or fashion. And by the way, she isn't bad as a vocalist.

  3. I don't mind Lady Gaga, (though I'm not sure she has the longevity to still be burning brightly in 2012), but I am so OVER these celebrity scents. They almost always smell like cheap, generic rubbish, and they're saturating the market. In my local department store the perfume shelves used to be all fancy and expensive-looking. Now there are numerous large, gaudy displays of whatever horse urine Britney Spears has churned out this week, and a giant black and white photo of some half-naked celeb on a beach with her hair blowing in her face. Ugh. The celebrity perfume has been well and truly done to death - time to move on!

  4. Anonymous04:02

    I adore Lady Gaga! She was her fabulous, outrageous self at the MTV Video Awards the other night.[That Alexander McQueen dress and shoes were stunning!]

    To think that she has yet to have a nosejob (or any kind of 'work') in today's American pop culture is a feat unto itself!

    And Gaga continues to support worthy causes, bringing attention to them whenever she can.

    I look forward to smelling her fragrance and hopefully Coty won't level it to a bland mass-market appeal scent.

    ~ Susan

  5. Anonymous09:58


    Considering the first comment, I think you have your reason as to why celebrity scents are glutting the market. It doesn't matter what the bottle looks like or the juice smells like, a celebrity perfume sells simply because there is a famous name attached to it. It's a commodoty that is easy to make a quick buck on: Just throw something together really quickly and cheaply, slap a celebrity's name on it, and watch the money come pouring in. Hard for them to resist the easy money. And that's what celebrities are mostly about: cash in on the name as much as possible while the name still has value.

  6. Anonymous02:00

    Anonymous, If you're going to criticize a poster, howzabout being man/woman enough to identify yourself, instead of pulling the anonymous schtick.

    ~ Susan


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