Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guerlain Rose communelle, new Shalimar bottle by Jade Jagger, Parfums d'Amour book by J.P.Guerlain

Two clips concerning Guerlain perfumery via Wim Janssens who is an ardent Guerlain fan:
First the journey of the perfumer to Bulgaria to pick Bulgarian rose batches for the creation of the Guerlain "rose communelle" (the term used to denote the "blend" that becomes the Guerlain signature for that note)
Wasser choosing roses in Bulgaria
The other is centered on the creation of the new Shalimar bottle designed by Jade Jagger, explaining the vision between the modern, fresh look and the traditional design of this emblematic oriental. The footage comes from the press release at the Ritz, Paris.
Jade Jagger: "I wanted something modern and fresh"
Worth a look!

Jean Paul Guerlain on the other hand is coming out with a new publication via Le Cherche Midi. The new book penned by Jean Paul Guerlain is titled "Parfums d'Amour" and will be in French. In it he highlights his eternal love for vanilla while at the same time he promises to uncover some of the 'secrets' behind the creations of Samsara, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, Nuit d'Amour, Cherry Blossom, Habit Rouge, Vetiver and Vetiver pour Elle. Along with the book a 15ml vial of Spirituese Double Vanille will be included. "Parfums d'Amour" will be available in Guerlain boutiques from October 1st, 2010 and more widely distributed from 21st October onwards. Jean Paul is also the author of another book which takes the form of journey souvenirs for his many fragrance expeditions to source fragrance materials for his family business.
And don't forget: M.Guerlain will attend an evening of book signing on 30th September at the Champs Elysées boutique!

photo from the Guerlain boutique at Le Marais (thinkretail and elisadefeudeau


  1. Fiordiligi10:24

    Oh! Thank you so much for the book news. I have J-P's other book (and many Guerlain books actually) so I must arrange to acquire this one. It's surprising that it wasn't mentioned at the Perfume Diaries event at which Jean-Paul Guerlain spoke.

  2. D,

    indeed. But I presume that they didn't want it to look too much of a promo of a book in French, whereas it was an event in English in an English city and an emblematic British store. ;-)

    It's very exciting even though I don't suppose there will be any major revelations happening. I've added a photo of it too.

  3. Lauren15:50

    What are the chances of an English translation of Parfums d'Amour? I'd love to read it!

  4. Lauren,

    hmmm, good question. I don't really know. Judging by Jean Paul's previous penning I don't suppose they're keen on selling to the masses, the books are really a nice glossing on the history and tradition, while the scents, well, they're overseen by LVMH...
    I will report back on these pages for you all though, so keep your spirits up!

  5. Thank you very much for mentioning me! Love the article! Wim x

  6. Rappleyea18:55

    Loved the videos - thanks so much for posting! Do you think that there really is actual rose essence in Idylle?

    I too will look for the book. JPG's SDV is the first vanilla scent that I loved!

  7. Wim,

    but naturally! Quae sunt Caesaris Caesari, et quae sunt Dei Deo ...that sort of thing.

    Congrats on a job well-done! Enjoy it a lot.

  8. D,

    I think the videos are romanticized, but yes, there should be some rose essence in Idylle I believe. It's not a lie (of course technically even minutiae would constitute a matter of fact)
    On the whole, I like to think that although the naturals are extended with synthetics, there is some of the good tradition still hiding beneath the behemoth. ;-)

    Jean Paul Guerlain has a very raconteur-like pace of writing which is wonderful to follow. I bet you'll like it. The things he might say, if he only could!

  9. Guerlain has selected the roses for Idylle very careful. As the Rose is one of the ingredients of the famous Guerlinade, Guerlain mixes various roses to create an very special "sweet" soft rose.
    If you look to Nahèma, the rose blend is also kind of "sweet" and is very similar to the rose blend of Idylle.
    Guerlain is one of the few who still invest a lot of time and care in selecting their ingredients.
    Guerlain has a fantastic team in the development of fragrances!

  10. Rappleyea00:34

    E. - yes! How I would love the uncensored version!

    Thanks, Wim for the info. I wear and love Nahema. Might have to give Idylle another try!


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