Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless for her Fragrance & Britney issues Radiance

Jennifer Aniston went topless for the promotion of her new scent Lola Vie (basically LOL @ vie, which means "life" in French, as we had pointed out when first announcing the news on the scent). The campaign was shot at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico which happens to be Jennifer's favourite spot. The New York Daily News mentions: "In a series of sexy black-and-white shots to promote her new scent, Lolavie, the 41-year-old actress looks stunning as she poses topless, covering her chest with just her arms while wearing nothing but a white skirt hung low on her hips." The international campaign starts on Wednesday at Harrods department store in London where she will meet and greet customers and sign bottles for them.
Personally I don't think the campaign looks half bad. It's suggestive but not vulgar. What do you think?

EDIT TO ADD: A reader informs me that despite aspirations, the name was dropped in favour of simply "Jennifer Aniston" due to concerns over the already existing Lola by Marc Jacobs.

Britney Spears on the other hand isn't known for her non vulgarized image. In fact I'd bet there are good bucks to be made in actually condoning a vulgarized image, for some reason! Anyway, the troubled Pop princess has a lucrative business in the perfume segment nevertheless with 8 fragrances under her belt and counting...The 9th one, Radiance is set to launch this coming September 2010 and is purported to be a ‘stylish’ perfume. Encased in a faux rhinestone encrusted bottle, the girly design is blue and pink. Radiance by Britney Spears will smell like a bunch of ‘wild berries and soft, dewy petals’ which will include tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris. According to reports the new scent Radiance is set to be released in September. Prices? It will retail for $63 for 50 mL; $78 for 100 mL. Where? At Ebay, Sears and Pharmaprix/Shopper’s Crug Mart. Possibly the new fragrance will tie with a new album set to be released this year according to inside gossip. We'll see.
In the TV commercial, Spears sneaks out of a theatre to avoid a waiting crowd of photographers and fans. She then visits a fortune-teller, who asks the singer if she wants her to tell her about her future. “No thanks, I choose my own destiny,” replies Spears. (we will update when the clip becomes available)


  1. Jennifer looks beautiful doesn't she- she really must work out a lot! I'm not that bothered about the juice but at least she's trying to be classy about it.

    Britney women who have children shouldn't really have pink hair. that is all.

  2. Even if she takes her shirt of she still looks classy and eautiful!

    Britney is just.... ugh. Not even going there.

    The perfume LolaVie sounds great! I cant wait to try it!!


  3. Anonymous01:43

    Jennifer looks lovely! I'm looking forward to smelling her new fragrance.

    A side note - Elena, did you know that Jennifer is part-Greek descent? She might not have that dark, exotic look that you Greeks are often blessed with, but there you go. Americans are often interesting racial~ethnic mixes.

  4. Mimi Gardenia06:45

    Jennifer Aniston looks wonderful . Thanks for this post ! :) Looking forward to sampling this one.

  5. Anonymous09:22

    Harrods announced the arrival of Jennifer's perfume yesterday and it seems strangely to have developed a different name - The Debut Fragrance - rather than the Lolavie we were expecting. Wonder why? .....

  6. Anonymous01:48

    It's now named 'Jennifer Aniston'. There was concern some people might have been confused with Marc Jacobs 'Lola'.

  7. I really like her ad campaign. It is very tasteful and is making me want to go to the gym! :P

    Britney Spears may be a mess but she is an excellent business woman. I say cheers to them both! :)


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