Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking good...

1Now Smell This
2The Scented Salamander
3Blogdorf Goodman
4Scent Hive
5Perfume Posse
6Perfume Shrine
7Katie Puckrik Smells
8First Nerve
9Nathan Branch
10Perfume in Progress
11Perfume-Smellin' Things Perfume Blog
12Glass Petal Smoke
14Signature Scent
16Notes From the Ledge
18the beauty alchemist
19J'aime le parfum - I love perfume!
20the aromaconnection blog

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  1. I fear this list does not speak to considered reflection and depth. All blogs have a place, of course, but I would put yours at the top of this list.

  2. Aww, what a kind compliment. Well, like you everyone has their own place and use and I appreciate their efforts because I know how hard it is to keep a decent blog.
    I suppose I don't fit some criteria of popularity. Still, PS never intended to be the top commercial or top popular blog, but rather an ilk of its own, so I'm happy as it is.

    Thanks again!

  3. I meant "like you say". Blogger eats out my words. No wonder we're where we are, LOL!!!

  4. I really like your blog and even paying a certain respect to the rest of list I consider yours as the most interesting. For me it is like Umberto Eco in literature - highly professional written with a fantastic language. Thanks a lot!

  5. Aromacasa,

    wasn't fishing for compliments, but thank you, you make me blush for sure!!
    I'm not comparable to Eco in all modesty, but this little girl-fandom in me concerning my admiration of him is getting a mighty glee right now :-)
    Thanks again!


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