Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jean Claude Ellena: Some of my creations, having undergone as many as 20 market tests, were completely distorted!"

"I really want the client to interpret my fragrances on a personal level. I anticipate ‘weaker’ moments in my perfumes, so that clients can take the time to get used to them and make them their own. This is very important to me, but it is totally out of synch with the current market." - Jean Claude Ellena

The master perfumer at Herm├Ęs and legendary nose among this eclectic set of artists, Jean Claude Ellena, has been generous to us with both his time and his mind yet again into sharing his views on what constitutes art in perfumery on independent platform Perfumism.com, the venue where industry insiders and perfume aficionados meet.

You can follow this link to read his fascinating and very honest views on perfumery and how he chooses to work. And leave a comment there (click "comments" under the article to do so), if you'd like to ignite discussion with like-minded people and get heard by Jean Claude himself!

Photo via Ray32.kazeo.com


  1. I did go...thanks for the heads up and link.

  2. Everybody seems to agree that market research is lethal... and yet companies continue to pay thousands for it. We'd never have had Angel or Poison or M7 if the market researchers had had their way.

  3. S,

    thanks sweetheart. You're welcome. It's not every day that "big" perfumers reveal their thoughts to indies, like we are on Perfumism.

  4. Persolaise,

    wisely said. And yet I suppose they want the market research to then tell them that copies of Angel or Poison or M7 would sell well, despite all the odds. So they do get something out of it, even if it is something pointing to non-originality and conformity. :/
    Also, I'm thinking that way they're monitoring the reception of all the mainstream "pleasant" scents which are churned by the bucketload these days. Those are surely not going to go down in history (not all of them), yet they sell well and that's what interests them in the end. Perfume launching is expensive business, after all.


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