Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diptyque Vetyverio: new fragrance

Diptyque, famous for their Eaux de Cologne and candles, launches a new unisex Eau de Toilette: Vétyvério. According to the press release "Diptyque has had a fun time blurring the lines by blending perfumery's archetypal raw materials, namely masculine vetiver and feminine flower bouquets. This fragrance is subtle, sensitive, and captures the power of unquestionable elegance".
The core of the new fragrance is (naturally) vetiver from Indonesia and the Caribbean. Additional notes include: organic ylang ylang from Madagascar, Turkish rose, and peppery geranium from Egypt. Hints of Italian mandarin orange, Florida grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, and bergamot keep it fresh and fruity, rather than citric. A few spices (carrot seeds, nutmeg and clove) combined with the dryness of cedar adds structure to the final product.
Price: $88 for 50ml and $120 for 100ml.

Available at all major retailers, diptyque’s boutiques in New York and San Francisco and at (the new official online boutique)


  1. That Diptyque's candles are of the highest quality and originality is well-known, but that their fragrances are often quite memorable isn't as well-known as it should be; "Tam Dao" and esp. "Philosykos" are two wonderful examples.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Michael,

    I especially like the ones you mention!

    And glad to discover your creative outlets! :-)

  3. P/E/S,
    The entirety of your comment said:
    "WOW what a scoop !
    You are FIRST with the inside news once again. Bravo !"
    To which I am replying:
    What makes you think I don't receive the exact same press-releases as others do? I have specific scheduling on what I post and what I don't and when, and this is my call to make, not yours.

    BTW, I believe the legal department of Google will have a busy time with slanderous usernames involving other people you hate, so I hope you realise that it is in your best interest that I supress your username this time.

  4. Anonymous00:10


  5. Sounds delish! I've been on a vetiver kick lately and this just might prompt me to go about exploring the line as the only Diptyque I've tried is L'Eau Trois.

  6. Oh and -- hope you're well, E! :)

  7. This sounds very promising.

    Love to you, Mz. E !

    [And I'm so very sorry that you now have to monitor every blip...
    Bloggers- behave !]

  8. D,

    the line is quite good, although there have a specific style which might or might not suit. I love the visual presentation, it's artsy but not fartsy.

  9. Anon,

    some people like to underestimate others' intelligence. Or think they can bribe their way through their transgressions?
    At any rate, I'm not concerned. I have much more important things to do.

  10. D,

    thanks for asking! I'm peachy and very busy (this time of year always is) and hope you're very well as well!

  11. Ida,

    we love some good vetiver around here!

    Thanks! I'm laughing it off, don't you worry. :-)

  12. Fiordiligi10:05

    Hello dear! Love Diptyque candles, graphics, new body products etc and of course the fabulous room sprays. The scents themselves are charming but I've never been moved to buy an entire bottle of anything. I did get something in the mail inviting me to have a sample of this new one....

    Keep up the good work!

  13. I'm a big vetiver fan, and this sounds wonderful. I can't wait to try it.

    And at my age, I'm quite happy to read announcements here, NST, and anywhere else that cares to run them. Maybe one of them will stick! ;-)


  14. can't. wait. to. try. this.

  15. D,

    I like the aesthetic a lot: I think there's a deliberately "artisanal" feel which is charming. I have a couple of things, even though not too many, probably because they're so "simple" sometimes.

    Thanks for the encouragement :-)

  16. D,

    :-) You're very sweet!

  17. I did try it- it wasn't as good as i had thought it might be- still very nice but in the league of a sel de vetiver- though it's different to that- think it was the rose. deserves more attention but it's not going to knock philosykos of the diptyque chart for me


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