Monday, April 12, 2010


It has been brought to my attention that navigating into the overflowing archives of Perfume Shrine has started to become difficult. Difficult in the sense that, even though there is a Individualised Google Search function on the right hand column (and it intends to stay put), if one merely wanted to search for specific themes, one couldn't get to them without having to wade lots of posts which marginally reference the search word used. One of the downsides of keeping a very active site for a number of years...The Quick Index on the right only highlights some of the subjects touched, although it has proven popular.

Anyway, for your convenience I will embark on a re-organising of the content very soon (as soon as my hectic schedule allows), and in the meantime I have made all the Labels/Tags (and they are plenty) in a single list on the right-hand column of the blog's front page (under the What's your Scent Profile quizz pic) for your ease. I'm going to further fine-tune them in the following days too.

So, for instance if you click on ART, you get a glimpse of essays and discussion on the art of perfumery, actual artwork in reference to perfume advertising, but also illustrations of famous artist Rene Gruau for Dior and Roudnitska's polemic on gaining recognision for perfumers as artists. If you want to find reviews and news about DISCONTINUED fragrances, you can do so just clicking the link. That way you can also search by perfume (dominant) note, by fragrance family or by perfumer. Kinda neat, huh?

As always I welcome your suggestions on how to make the site even more useful and handy for you, whether here or by email on

Photo from the film Les Enfants du Paradis.


  1. Thank you for this post and for offering to reorganize your archives for us readers. Your blog is such a valuable resource for information and so entertaining to read!
    Kind regards...

  2. Hmmm. The blogger program had said my first post would not go through for some technical reason. Oh well! I mean everything twice. ;-)

  3. Don't worry, honey, I am ever so grateful you're so enthusiastic in your support (twice over!) :D

  4. Oh, Helg...such an undertaking...

    ...but much appreciated. You've got a great resource here; thanks for the time and attention to this hidden underside/cataloguing.

  5. S,

    thanks honey. People were searching for specific things and it wasn't always easy, so hopefully indeed it will be more of a resource. I welcome any suggestion you might have!

  6. Anonymous17:52

    People are always searching for articles here because you've had so many wonderful ones...

    Thanks for the blog maintenance and update; I know it is time-consuming for you and much-appreciated for your readers.

    And thank you again for your thoughtful, informative, lovely posts and reviews.


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