Friday, April 30, 2010

M.J.Blige My Life: new fragrance

The formidable (and talented) M.J Blige is coming out with her own celebrity scent soon, called My Life in co-operation with Carol's Daughter, to whom Blige is an investor in the first place, thus marking a break with usual business practices. The brand does an estimated $30 million-plus in retail sales, with My Life expected to add a significant amount to that annual tally. “The whole notion of ‘if you can’t smell it, you can’t sell it’ wasn’t on my radar. “Everyone can choose how they want to sell. We chose to capture Mary J. Blige’s life and tell it to 93 million people,” said Stoute.

“I wanted my fragrance to be something special for my female fans,” said Blige of her new fragrance named for her landmark* 1994 recording of the same name. (according to WWD)
*Mary J.Blige admits being a victim of abuse winding into depression and contemplating suicide at some point in her life.

The scent was developed by Firmenich, with the help of "Aunt Pam". Who is Aunt Pam? Pamela Baxter, president and chief executive officer of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics North America, married to Blige’s husband and manager, Kendu Isaacs's uncle!
“I’ve never done it, but it was so much fun because I have a keen sense of smell. I knew exactly what I wanted and would ask for an incense smell, a musk smell, a wood smell. I also wanted florals, but edgy florals." Apparently she didn't like too much wood, so that got deducted. The official info appearing on WWD really wants to make it sound like M.J Blige really got herself involved (and I guess she did smell and approve/disapprove the 6 "mods" before finalisation) which was to be expected.
What's the scent like? The opening relies on gardenia petals, Bartlett pear and white freesia; the heart expands into lush florals such as tuberose, blooming jasmine, gold lily and apricot flower, and the base encompasses cashmere woods {i.e. aromachemical Cashmeran}, praline, sesame and incense. Sounds totally wrong which might actually prove to be totally good; we'll see!
It will retail for $46 for 1.7 oz. and will be sold with a clutch purse.
The launch will of My Life by M.J.Blige will be solely on HSN during six shows on July 31, thus breaking any tradition of prestige fragrance retailing. "The scent will be sampled at the Essence Music Festival the first week in July. Carol’s Daughter, which has had a pop-up store at the festival for the last few years, will be taking pre-orders for the scent at the festival, and Blige —who will perform July 4 — will sign autographs at the Carol’s Daughter booth".

Photo of M.J.Blige with bottle of My Life by Anthony Mandler, via WWD


  1. Anonymous03:31

    i know many like her singing, but she always sounds lightly off-key to me (flat), so i hope this scent isn't off-key! we'll see. at least she seems to have had some enthusiasm for its making.


  2. Mystic Knot16:00

    The notes sound interesting so I look forward to at least testing it with an open mind .Celebuscents are such a tired thing !

  3. M,

    you might have a point, I just like her whole attitude. And yes, she seems like she did take a sniff there before sanctioning it, which is a plus.

    Hope you're well! :-)

  4. M,

    the notes are quite unusual in that combination, that's true. It might be rather good, like Queen Latifah's. Do non-Caucasian ladies have a superior taste when it comes to their celebuscents? A theory that needs to be put to the test!


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