Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prada Infusion de Tubereuse & Infusion de Vetiver: new fragrances

It was only last year that Prada decided to augment her uber-successful Infusion d'Iris brand with a seasonal Infusion Éphémère Collection (Ephemeral Infusion Collection), launching the soapy clean Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger in a fancy designed packaging that married art-deco motifs with the signature Prada pistachio green of the original "infusion". The limited edition suite was originally scheduled to offer fragrances meant to stick around as long as the summer fruits on the trees. After a few months the scents would be pulled off the shelves... This year Prada continues with the plan, offering two limited editions: Infusion de Tubéreuse for women and Infusion de Vetiver for men, again packaged in mosaic wrappers that will have deco-maniacs discussing their respective merits. The more geometrical masculine relies on hexagons of nuanced sombre colours, while the feminine one was based on an old print in the Prada textile archives, where the petals of the flower seem immersed in ink and pressed in a dégradé manner on the carton. I especially like a small details: the caps are "dressed" in the same material so as to co-ordinate!

Initial previews want the tuberose version to be really soft, with a piquant opening and a beautiful progression which doesn't remind one too much of Infusion d'Iris, in the manner that Infusion de Fleurs d'Oranger did (one of the moot points as per many consumers). We will update with reviews of the vetiver one as available.

Prada Infusion de Tubéreuse for women is a blend of notes of Indian tuberose, petitgrain bigararde, Italian blood orange and dynamone. Prada Infusion de Vetiver for men is featuring notes of tarragon, vetiver, Madagascan pepper and purple ginger.
Both Prada scents will be vailable April 1st 2010 onwards. They will retail at €67 for 50mls for the female scent and at €53 for 50ml for the masculine version, at major department stores.

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Pic via & sincere thanks to my lovely source ;)


  1. Oh wow! I'm excited about the Vetiver. I'll definitely be sampling that!

  2. Prox,

    vetiver always has me perking my ears up as well :-)


  3. I, on the other hand, am longing to at least sniff the Tubereuse - that's a favorite note of mine. I did like Id'I, but lost my mini bottle to my teenage daughter.

    What is dynamone?

  4. Mals,

    the tuberose is reportedly good ;-)
    Although the light concept of the Infusion line is not exactly the true heart of this weird, narcotic flower.

    Dynamone is a synthetic shared in Delicious Closet Queen by Etat Libre d'Orange, if it helps you any.

  5. so curious about this tuberose...:) looking forward to smelling it ~

  6. Zazie11:46

    I didn't like any of the infusions (two I positively hated), though I loved the bottles.
    But I was stunned at the Prada "eclusives" iris, tuberose, narcissus, oeillet, and fleurs d'oranger (especially the last 3); unfortunately 'till now the infusions don't bear much resemblendce to the eponimous niche soliflores (which are BTW ridiculy priced and awfully packaged) . I haven't tried them on skin but they seemed really very verrrry beautiful on "touche".
    Have you tried them, E.?

    Anyway, as a tuberose obsessed I will try the tuberose infusion with quite a bit of trepidation. Another tubey on the market, yey!!!! :)

  7. Baobab,

    I believe the waiting won't be too long. April is around the corner!

  8. Zazie,

    lemme guess, you hated FDO and D'Homme?

    I have tried the Oiellet and it was lovely, so I do hope Prada brings on an infusion of this next year, only they stick to their guns and make it comparable this time.

    Haven't heard how much the Exclusives go for, though, do you recall?? My testing was utterly philosophical and ophalosceptic, I'm afraid (no practical concerns at the time)

  9. I love IdI and IdO and use both regularly, now, as a white florals devotée, TC and Fracas user i am now extremely curious about the new, allegedly shy Tubereuse in IdT!
    Great spring news, E.! :-)

  10. Zazie10:00

    Hi E.!

    I checked and my "ridiculous price" statement turned out to be wrong:
    on liberty's website the exclusives go for 103 £ (roughly 120 Euros) for 30 ml. These should be PP extraits, so the price point isn't *that* ridiculous - if you're willing to shell that much for a "solinote". (I recalled them costing more like 200 euros, but apparently my memory just doubled the price. sorry!)
    I'll try some of the soliflores on skin next time, and see if they are as simple (though very beautiful) as they seem.
    BTW, the caps are just as hideous as I recollect - at least I rememberd something correctly!!!

  11. N,

    it's definitely something to try out at the very least! Sometimes one needs an easy to wear white floral (and other times one definitely does not and seeks the arcane!)

    Hope you're not too cold there! :-)

  12. Zazie,

    thank you so much for checking out for me!! And don't worry, we're between ourselves, we don't keep a score on correctness. After all, 120 euros for 30ml isn't cheap by any stretch! ;-)


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