Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amouage to open 2 stand-alone boutiques

"The luxury perfumer was founded 25 years ago at the request of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Oman's head of state, as a way to both preserve the sultanate's biblical perfume-making traditions and provide gifts for visiting world leaders. Now, it's looking to infiltrate the European -- and eventually the U.S. -- markets with its own named stores selling an unique, expensive brand of perfume, and other luxury goods, for the body and the home.
Two new stores are planned for 2010 -- one in Dubai and one in London. The Dubai store, scheduled to open at the end of March, will be the first outside Oman. The London store, scheduled to open in May, will be the first outside the Gulf."

We love Amouage on Perfume Shrine and encourage you to read the whole article from on this link.
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  1. Fiordiligi11:35

    Well, how interesting! I expect I shall visit the London shop to see what they have....doubtless more exclusives.

    Thank you dear E for this info.

  2. D,

    hi there darling! How are you?

    I am counting on you to let me know what to search for later on :-) You know I admire the line a lot.

    PS. Owe you a mail, sorry it took so long, will see to it!


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