Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Martin Margiela Untitled: new fragrance

Martin Margiela has been in fashion for 20 years already and not even personally involved with his house (Maison Martin Margiela) anymore.

I am always reminded of how Pierre Cardin lost rights to his own name, and how Jil Sander isn't involved in her own line too, but I digress. Anyhow, Margiela is only now launching his first scent, under the aegis of L'Oréal and with the help of a talended perfumer to boot. Fittingly for the avant-garde line, there won't be any fancy names obscuring the concept: the fragrance is remaining simply Untitled!
According to The Independent (where there is a bottle picture as well): "Launched in Paris January 11, Untitled is a unisex fragrance - created by perfumer Daniela Andrier, the nose behind YSL's Rive Gauche, Gucci Rush for men, and several Prada scents - that is described as "floral, woody, and very green" (including notes of fern) as well as "ambery and oriental."
The unisex element as well as the typical 'blank canvas' packaging contribute to the notion of a non-stereotypical scent that, according to a press release, 'can be worn by anyone, anywhere'."

Tall order...

Untitled by Martin Margiela will be available at colette.fr in a world-exclusive 'preview' on January 25 while it will make its international debut through April 2010.
Pic of fashion spread featuring Martin Margiela fashions via lbosquejo.blogspot.com


  1. Don't think I'm much interested in this fragrance, but thank you for re-posting the link to the Brioni fragrance.

  2. Wow, I'm really confused ! ;-)

    How can it be all of that ? !

    Well, we'll await your sniffage ! ;-)

  3. Donna,

    I can't say I am very enthused either! But it's news and we're about the news as well, I guess.
    The Brioni was generated automatically by the algorythm that is generated by a on the bottom of the posts widget; glad you liked it!

  4. I,

    it doesn't make sense, I agree! I think they're caught up with their own blurb, "a scent for anyone anywhere". Fat chance there will ever be something like that!! But as you say, who knows, it might be good, so I'm not ruling out anything before sniffing.

  5. Note of "fern"? They are clearly trying to capitalize on the word "fougere", but the joke's on them. Fern has no odor...The whole ad campaign feels like the emperor's new clothes. Maybe that explains the model's outfit...


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