Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smelling like dead celebrities?

"If you ever wanted to smell like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe? Now you can. According to the Daily News, a company in Beverly Hills is formulating a line of "antiquity" fragrances. The scents are based on the DNA of dead celebrities. Bottles of the perfume are sold online for about $60. Other celeb scents include Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson and Richard Nixon". [quote]

Nah....just go participate in our Perfumista Challenge Project.

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  1. The only thing I can say is wtf.

  2. I didn't quite believe this was real, but, sadly, it is:


    We can get our own DNA fragrances, too. Ye gods...

  3. Anonymous03:48

    ha. i had to write it about earlier today. so completely insane. and not just insane. pointless. they're just using the DNA as inspiration. what a crock.


  4. Weeeeeird. And creepy. And sinister. And every other adjective which describes a feeling of distate and trepidation.

    However I do love the fabulous picture mock-up which shows how hot Marilyn would look as a brunette. It's truly a timeless beauty who can look good as a 50s siren as well as a 90s heroin chic waif.

  5. Anonymous08:12

    I know a "Marilyn" fragrance has been around on amerimark and a few other lower-priced catalogs for several years now. Never tried it though and we know she wore mostly Chanel no. 5 anyway.

    The ironic thing (well not the most ironic) about Michael Jackson was reading somewhere that he had quite the collection of womens fragrances (and womens haute couture - which he had his tailor/seamstress then fit to his size). I'd love to read a list of what the womens scents were that MJ wore.

    Since this is about celebrities....does anyone know what First Lady Michelle Obama wears? I've read that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton wears (or at least use to) Angel.

    I'd love to know what other female politicos and appointees (Condi Rice, Madeleine Albright, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin) wear or wore.

  6. Anonymous15:26

    Yuck. They're kidding, right? Oh, they're not? (Although I think Einstein smoked a pipe...and I love the smell of pipe tobacco...can you imagine someone asking what you're wearing? "Oh, it's Albert Einstein"). Very creepy to see the voluptuous Marilyn as a skeletal waif. Just emphasizes that there is no beauty in looking like a human stick figure.

  7. Mystic Knot08:43

    Oh dear ! How morbid ..
    I do find that picture interesting ... maybe that's how Marilyn would have looked like if she were of this century ...appropriately skinny for the 21st century !

  8. L,

    WTF seems to sum it up nicely... :-)

  9. M,

    yup, true enough. I thought the "diamonds" made out of the ashes of a beloved one were kinda creepy, but this is taking it to another level: there is no emotional connection with the dead celebrity to even justify nostalgia reasons.
    If this isn't some sort of paranoid obsession on the famous, I don't know what is.

  10. M,

    thanks for stoping by and I should pop over and see! (will do, promise) Yes, it does seem like it's a big ol' "hoax" of sorts.

  11. BB,

    tell me about it...

    I think that Marilyn looks good with the dark hair (hell, why not?)but the grainy darkish skin tone and the emaciated look...hmm, not as perfect as she could be. Still, she doesn't look bad.

  12. Brownie,

    thanks for the info on the Amerimark cologne named after Marilyn. Goes to show when you're famous some grave-diggying isn't avoidable.

    MJ had indeed a big collection of fumes and had the nose to spot them when he smelled them on people too according to sources! I'd be interested in finding out as well.

    As to Michelle Obama we have covered her fragrance choices here.
    Hillary Clinton did wear Angel, per my Celebrity List (index on the right hand column)
    For the rest I haven't read an interview where they reveal the scents yet.

  13. P,

    it does sound awfully weird! The fascination with the famous is nothing new, but it does take sinister overtones from time to time. One of our readers had told me something about Elvis's nose boo-boos being sold as collectibles, so after that everything else sounds tame.
    I think they're taking DNA from the people's hair. Whether that was impregnanted with the smoke...well, we can dream.

    Marilyn looks not like herself. Not that she was fat, but she was nicely rounded. Made her look soft and vulnerable.

  14. MK,

    yeah, kinda... Perish the thought.


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