Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Perfumista Challenge: A Project to Spread to those you Know

Sometimes one needs to shout in order to be heard. Sometimes one needs to kick people in the shin to get their attention. Sometimes one just needs to grab a public venue and challenge people in their perceptions in a much more civilised way. Which is what I am going to do today and I am calling every one of you who has been fed up to the brim with all the trashola that has been circulating under glossy names of TV personae and celebritoids from Sillyville and Trollopburg.
Namely today I am proposing and inviting you to the ultimate strikeback: Let's produce some fragrant juice ourselves!

No, I am not delirious. What are the chances that some amateur perfumista back in the wings has actually created a blend that is better than the bleh stuff in pretty (and not so pretty) bottles? Pretty high, I'd wager. After all, perfumistas do know a thing or two about what takes to put a nice sniff-fest together and hey, wait, didn't artisanal perfumers start with the proviso that they're blending things to suit their own taste? I am sure some of you have several oils which you mix for private enjoyment, some have a frustrated perfumer's soul, some even have chemistry kits and know a thing or two about reactions, emulsifiers and grape vs. grains alcohol; but the beauty of it all is you needn't really worry, this is not a race who is better, it's more for the fun of the thing and to prove to ourselves we can do it. (In the words of Dominique Dubrana, who's lauded by dr. Luca Turin, the biggest perfumery secret is that it's "rather easy to create something nice". There, you have insider's encouragement). Who knows, maybe someone's creation might be as good as to actually see the light of day in a wider circle and become our shared secret! Imagine the possibilities: Sillage de la Perfumista, Aqua sniffaholica, Εαρινή δρόσος φιλάρεσκων δεσποινίδων, et al... Not to mention the thrill of feeling of creating your own Galateia...

The idea was shaped by Liisa Wennervirta, following a discussion on Perfume Shrine about D-celebrities (or even DD-celebrities in some cases) constantly issuing utterly forgettable "products", who is in turn organising the whole thing. She's one hell of a witty lass with the quirk to bring this into fruition -she's been dabbling in blends herself- and you can be sent to her by me without reservations. [One doesn't need to be part of the clique to be perfectly legit ;-) ]

So here is how she wants this to be: "There'll be a simple swap round. Every participant will submit their address and they'll get another one where they'll send their creation. I wouldn't oblige the recipients to write a review or comment but it would be more fun if they did. To join the bunch of swappers, mail me at rosa (dot) pendulina (at) yahoo (dot) se. Closing date for participation submissions is December 31st."
If you'd like to take the info on your own blog or on a forum you participate, feel free to do so (and we would be grateful to you): the more participation we have, the more chances we can discover a raw talent in the dirt and the more fun we will all have in the process.

Now spread this to everyone you know times 10 or your precious rare Guerlain Baccarats will crumble in thin dust and your Chanels will turn into fermented beer on a hellishly hot day. Spread it! Participate! I have spoken...

Pic of Peter Cushing via umad.com, shot from Fritz Lang's Metropolis via dvdtimes.co.uk


  1. Well, darling:
    If YOU have spoken...
    What's a gal to do ???

    for you.


    Love you.

  2. Ida,

    awwww....someone has been talking too much, I see. Oh well *blush* One has to do what one has to do and all that. LOVE that clip ~and both actors!

    Yeah, I have spoken! I was thinking of putting an even more grandiose, Biblical phrase in there of the type "And Helg saw everuthing that she had made and it was very good (and took the rest of the day off, LOL)". On second thought, maybe not. Some people just misconstrue everything ;-)

  3. Well hey why not? I have an olfactionary and have made some decent stuff. I'll email her.

  4. That's what I thought as well: why not?
    Dear P,
    I would appreciate it a lot if you posted about the challenge someplace. I am sure people need to see the news to participate: the more the merrier!

  5. This sounds like a fun and interesting project. I may just try and participate. If anything I could probably get very useful tips and suggestions.


  6. Great idea! I'll email in my name too, though I predict a pile of complications, I'm sure we can work through them like civilised & devoted followers ;-)

  7. Ooh what a fun idea. I do have some blends I've done in the past. Can I play?

  8. All Chanels turning into beer? It reminded me of a particularly nasty incident that happened in our kitchen a few years ago and is referred to as The Beer Explosion. Not nice.

  9. How grand, I love so many aspects of this!

  10. Lisa,

    sure, it's meant to be both educational and fun!I'm sure you will be a valuable addition :-)

  11. Mark,

    I am counting on you! Let's see what happens.

  12. K,

    of course you may!! Be my guest and hope you enjoy thinking about someone else's blend as well as sending off one of your own.

  13. L,

    I was tempted to write another liquid but refrained. (An explosion of any yellow fluid is not nice, come to think of it).

  14. R,

    you're the perfect person to actually put in some advice to aspirational amateurs. And to judge with some authority.

  15. Helg, I suspect that no exploding liquid is particularly nice. Maybe sparkling water on July afternoon is tolerable but that's all.

    And, sure, you all can participate. I don't bite.

  16. This is a great idea! Better that we do something about the celebri-trash that's clogging up the perfume shelves.

    I don't know if I can participate as I have never tried to make my own blend. But I look forward to reading about how it all went, and I will post about it on my blog.

    Good luck!

  17. Wow thats a brilliant idea, in fact i was thinking of doing the same thing...like last night after trying on Penghalions sampler...and im new here. and love your blog!

    How to play??

    Any suggestion how to start? i saw LeLabo Olfactionary..thats when i think hmmm..



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