Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Byredo candles & Byredo Blanche: new fragrance

ByRedo Parfums is a Stockholm-based newcomer onto the perfume scene as a brand founded by Ben Gorham, a graduate of the Stockholm Art School and an ex-student of interior design. Acting as creative director for the new line, he has assembled the talents of perfumers Olivia Giacobetti, Jérôme Epinette, and Michel Almairac to compose a collection of eight fine fragrances so far: Gypsy Water, Fantastic Man, Bal d'Afrique, Green, Rose Noir, Chembur and Pulp.

Their new candle collection is comprised of 9 scents which seem just like the stuff to get home to, this autumn.

The 9 ByRedo candles are:
Ambre Japonais (Coriander, sandalwood, vanilla)
Baker's Guild (Bitter orange, star anise, ginger)
Bibliotèque (Peach, prunbe, violet, patchouli, leather, peony)
Candy Darling (Coriander, rosewood, patchouli, benzoin)
Carrousel (Orange, rhubarb, cardamom, vetiver, amber)
Cassis (Cassis, berries, strawberry, cedarwood, cinnamon)
Cotton Poplin (Linen notes, white cedar, blue chamomille, musk)
Loose Lips (Violet, black cherry, rose, rice powder)
Peyote Poem (Tonka bean, hyacinth, fir, vanilla)

Each candle is 225g for 50 Euros.

I am itching to try the Bibliotèque candle: How more perfect ~and Lutensian I might add~ can it get?

Ben Gorham, the creator of parfums By Redo, is also launching a new Eau de Parfum, called Blanche this autumn.
"The idea of Blanche is ~as its name suggests~ constructed around my
perception of the colour white. For the first time I have conceived a perfume
for and with the collaboration of one particular person. I wanted to capture
that innocent and immaculate side, a perfume that is of almost transparent
nature. Blanche also represents a homage to classical beauty. The
fragrance is pure and simple in its formula, but its character is extreme".
~Ben Gorham

Blanche ByRedo opens on notes of white rose, pink pepper and aldehydes, segues to a heart of violet, neroli, and peony and reveals a base of white woods, sandalwood and musk.
Available in Eau de Parfum spray, 100ml

notes & pics via press release


  1. I must say that Blanche left me rather unimpressed. On the other hand, I'm generally unimpressed by most things, it's either my SAD getting on my nerves or just some general ennui so don't take me for granted.
    I thought about getting Pulp, though. I seem to appreciate stronger fragrancies these annoyed days, due to my congested nose (eh, is it allergy that causes my general crankiness?), and Pulp, if I remember well, is rather similar to my fave and loved black line of Sephora's own cosmetics.
    I'm in Stockholm so I'll check Byredo's locale one of these days, and I'll finally kick my ass to finish the Bal d'Afrique review.

    On a greedy note, no way I'm giving 50 euros for a candle, sorry, folks.

  2. We had the pleasure of being at the opening of the Byredo boutique on Mäster Samuelsgatan 6 at the end of October and we had the privilege to be able to meet Ben Gorham (the brain behind Byredo) and hear how memories inspired his creations.

    Byredo have been very generous in supporting the opening of the Hotel Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, not only by partnering up with the hotel to provide their bathroom amentites, but also by teaming up with us at White Line Hotels. We are offering one lucky person the chance to have their future memory created by winning a stay at the hotel. Byredo very generously offered to provide the lucky person with a consultancy session in their boutique, as well as a fragrance and candles for them and a friend.

    Tell us what your ideal trip to Stockholm would consist of over at our site and maybe your future memory will be created.


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