Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brioni: new fragrance

On the 14th of October, Brioni, a independent tailoring house dedicated to fine garments for men since 1945, is launching their new fragrance, Brioni, the first one to hit the market since 1958. It was in that decade that the luxury house had issued a limited seris of fragrances for men, including the Eau de Cologne "Good Luck". It seems that the renaissance of fragrance is waking up traditional firms out of hibernation and the new masculine Brioni is further proof to this. Their motto "be one of a kind" (their suits graced James Bond no less) is the goal they are going for with their fragrance as well.

The official launch on October 14th will be fronted by Andrea Perrone and Brian Ferry of Roxy Music, while the masculine «Brioni» will be available for purchase exclusively by boutiques Brioni and luxury distributors in the last week of October.
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  1. Rappleyea22:43

    Well I don't know who Andrea Perrone adn Brian Ferry are, but Brioni certainly couldn't have done any better than the picture you've used!


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