Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Les Parfums: Paris perfumes exhibition

From 2nd to 5th of October, Paris will be hosting the fragrance exhibition Les Parfums. A trade show aiming to highlight the new directions in perfumery and re-ignite the love for perfume, all hosted in the city that put scent on a pedestral. For professionals, the initiated and the neophytes, the trade show Les Parfums is free for all and will feature special prices on milestone perfumes from the houses hosted, a consultation and selling point of the best publications dedicated to fragrance, and meeting-up with some of the creators of the most prominent niche makers in today's market:

Amouage, Claudie Pierlot, Etat Libre d'Orange, Frank Los Angeles, Ginaluca Bulega Parfums, Isabey, Kalaris Milano, Linari, Mona di Orio, Neotantric Oasis, P.Frapin et cie, Parfum d'Empire, Parfums d'Orsay, Poiray, Robert Piguet, Susanne Lang, the Hype Noses, Vero Profumo.
The official site of Salon Les Parfums can be reached on this link (in French right now, but will feature an English speaking section shortly).

The exhibition Les Parfums will take place on 2-5 October from 9am to 6:30am (on Saturday till 8:30pm) at L'Atelier Richelieu, 60 rue de Richelieu, 75002, Paris
(Metro: Bourse, Pyramides, Palais Royal)

Have fun!


  1. Not going there, I'll be... lemme think... in Stockholm? Or in Cyprus. Nothing cool going on there? I'm no good in registering the buzz....

  2. L,

    I believe from now on only cool things can happen in Stockholm. LOL!
    Cyprus might be a little less...cool (in the literal sense of course). Where are you going on either of these destinations btw?

    Hope you're fine, sorry for the tardiness in communication. Had a full plate of things to do...

  3. Yikes, I would give anything to be there! It sounds like Paradise to me...

  4. It should be good...Then again, with all the reportage you're guaranteed to feel like you were there :-)


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