Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Star Trek perfumes to unleash your inner captain Kirk

"The folks at Genki Wear, a geek themed jewelry manufacturer, have helped the Enterprise explore a strange new world of merchandising and seek out new lifeline accounts and financial liquidations with a line of Star Trek-inspired cologne and perfumes.And these aren't just randomly named perfume brands linked to the show to make a quick buck. The people who branded these babies have done their homework. The brands include two fragrances for men, Tiberius and Red Shirt, and for the ladies, an ultra-sensual pheromone love potion called Pon Farr Perfume". Read the whole article on TVSquad.

Tiberius, is said to contain notes of sweet citron zest, black pepper and cedar, while Red Shirt is "bright, clean and direct with top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender", both for men who want to embody Kirk or Picard (there are two distinct groups of Trekdom and you don't to mess with the wrong one). Pon Farr Perfume, named for the septennial mating ritual of Vulcans has "light, clean top notes of citrus, blackcurrant, lotus blossom and water lily, and with base notes from sandalwood, peach and mulberry".

The Star Trek paraphernalia business isn't over. It has merely progressed to the next natural stage...


  1. Wow ! I can relate to that.

    "Spritz-me up, Scotty" :) !!


  2. I don't know why Star Trek is so addictive, but it is!! The perfume angle is fascinating (hey didn't Spock say that?)..Certainly worth a sniff...

  3. Oh dear... not for me but was very interesting to read about! lol

  4. Anonymous14:12

    Hi E!

    Well I ordered the trio when they were first available and 3 months later they finally arrived at my doorstep.

    Save your $$$ people unless you are hardcore trekkies and collect Star Trek things. The fragrances are el cheapo and terrible. The women's was by far the worst. Non-descript weak watery scent. Yuck. The men's were not much better but better than the women's scent.

    I ended up returning them and got my money back.


  5. Fernando16:02

    I think you missed the significance of "red shirt". The guy with the red shirt was the dashing young man who went on a mission and got killed. The notes seem just right for him.

    A pity they didn't bother to make the scents any good.

  6. Seconding what Fernando said about red shirts--it's all about the ad copy on this one. Showed this to my fellow Trekkie friends and they all loved it:
    "...for the young, modern man of the galaxy who doesn’t hesitate; who revels in being alive today. Red Shirt Cologne instills confidence, showing the universe your strength, your valor, your devotion to living each day as though it could be your last. ...for those brave enough to place no trust in tomorrow."
    Whenever Kirk or Spock would go on an away mission, there would be Kirk, Spock, etc., and then an assortment of low-ranking troops from the security division (in red shirts) who would quickly get picked off by the enemy, or trigger booby traps, etc.
    I guess they're aiming at collectors more than anything.

  7. I'm ashamed to say I'm actually a bit curious!

  8. V,

    yeah, it's kinda naughty! ;-)

  9. T,

    I admit that from all the sci-fi movies, only Star Trek has ever captured my interest (I could totally sleep throughout Star Wars ~hey, in fact I almost did! LOL)
    I don't know about the perfumes, but sounds like memorabilia for collectors. At any rate, they try to harvest what they can, eh? Anyway...

  10. J,

    not for me either I suppose, but it's fun trying to bring out interesting little snippets that are hidding in the news eh?

  11. K,

    it kinda is, isn't it! It's a fun concept, if only the frags were any good (but someone comments they're not, so...)

  12. D,

    thanks honey for alerting people, I suppose they're meant for Trekkies junkies, but then again why should they be catered for with el cheapo things? So, money saved for anyone who isn't keen on having EVERYTHING with ST eblazoned on it. Good thing they returned the money eh?

    (PS> Just back and catching up on mail, so forgive the delay in replying to yours. Hugs!!)

  13. F,

    that goes to show you how much I pay attention to sci-fi!! LOL

    So, a scent for the obedient dutyful man. Not my thing maybe, but I suppose you're absolutely right! Thanks for the correction.

  14. Caviglia,

    thanks for the elaborating and further clarification. Like I said, not a sci-fi fan myself, although I have watched my share of ST films. So point well taken, thank you!!

  15. Banarchachy,

    it made an impression to me too (I mean, geez, how can you go about futuristic accords etc that have't been done yet?) but it seems like a low-ranking project. Ah well, our curiosity will not be satisified, I guess after Dawn's info above.


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