Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work your signature scent to become unforgettable

In a fun little article in College News about 5 ways to become unforgettable (I am assuming positively and to a certain someone which you want to romantically involve) there is this nifty bit of advice on how to manipulate fragrance into the equation. In fact it is on the very very top, being advice #1. We wouldn't have guessed for the world!
Here it is:
"Too much: Layering to the point of eye-watering pungency. Layer, yes, but don’t saturate yourself in the scent to a fault. At a certain point, it’s just going to burn their nostrils, which will result in you being the bad kind of “unforgettable.”
Just enough: Slather on some deliciously-scented lotion while you’re in the car, right as you’re about to go out and do dinner or a movie. The rush of fragrance in the small space will be enough to jolt his memory nicely. Plus, when you get back in the car, it will smell like you.
With that in mind, I recently read another great tip: spritz a little of your fave perfume on your bedroom light bulb, just a little, and the room will fill with your trademark scent. Finally, don’t be afraid to go outside the box for your perfume of choice. After all, the point is
to be memorable, not to smell like every other person on campus. Simple concoctions like cocoa butter or suntan lotion can be great scents. Likewise, sometimes a phenomenal-smelling shampoo is all you’ll need to make someone’s heart pound. "

Somehow ~and judging by being outside the target audience~ I find shampoo smells (as well as cocoa butter or suntan lotion) not nearly enough to make one's heart pound for very long, but what do I know? I wasn't around when a specific green shampoo was all the rage.
Tell us if you have any "simple" scents that have had someone special go amok about it!


  1. This really made me laugh. I'm in university right now and my friends, like immature elementary school students, will still say "ew, who smells like sunscreen?!?” if anyone dares to wear some. As for simple scents, I’ve oddly gotten more compliments when I’m wearing Avon’s Mark Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar scent mist then when I wear Chanel or Gucci -- and its only twelve dollars, ha!

  2. Oh I love this post! So funny! When I was at University I swore by Tresor. Now I hate it- lol- but back then I would use it to hopefully become unforgettable :)

  3. Hmm. I do remember a guy coming to me and saying my hair smells wonderful but I think it's true that can make your heart beat for 2 seconds. :) And only when freshly washed. I for one love the smell of sun lotion but only in the beach setting. I need sth more perfume-like for each day.

  4. I can't help thinking about a girl I knew during my college days who really was the bad kind of unforgettable with her perfume. She left a storm cloud of musk everywhere she went.

    I do think the advice about leaving a bit of sillage in his car is very sound!

  5. J,

    indeed it was rather fun and funny, both! I find that people are so peculiar about what they like, there's no generalisation possible really.
    How very interesting what you're saying there about the Mark and how very true: I have found that some my less expensive scents get more complimented than the costlier and more upscale ones too! Familiarity breeds love or inappreciation of sophistication?

  6. J,

    thanks for chimming in, honey. I can see how Tresor was very popular at the time, it seemed like everyone wore it! Now you don't smell it as much or products copying it as much.
    I can definitely see how a huge cloud of Tresor might make someone "unforgettable" (in the bad sense): alas, I was close to someone who frequently overdosed!

  7. Ines,

    exactly and thanks for the great example you provide. I like suntan lotions too, but there has to be a beach setting in my mind, it's so inextricably tied, eh?
    Hope you're fine! :-)

  8. M,

    it's so gross when someone is smelling you from miles away, isn't it? I like that Jean Paul Guerlain quote about luxury being something discreet, something refined...A typhoon isn't that.

    And yup, leaving a little scent memento in someone's place (the car, the house, etc) is a great way to hint at your presence without being there. Ah....

  9. I consider it a "simple" scent ... my husband absolutely loves CBIHP's Burning Leaves.

  10. Anonymous16:32

    One time, in Physics class in college, the professor closed the lights and asked everyone to huddle around the hologram in front. So, there I was, trying to get a good view of the hologram when suddenly, a classmate I never knew existed stroke my hair not once, not twice, but thrice and kept exclaiming I smelled good! I looked a bit on her direction with a slight smile but I didn't really see her face, not knowing what to say so I looked back at the hologram.

    After class, while I was on my way out in the stairs, she ran up to me, asked for my name, introduced herself, said I smelled good and then we said goodbye and never spoke again. I wasn't wearing perfume at that time but I knew the scent was Dove Conditioner (Blue).

    I wasn't creeped out though. It's nice to get a genuine compliment from a fellow female sometimes.


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