Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amouage Epic for Women and Epic for Men: new fragrances

Perfume Shrine worships at the altar of the Amouage brand and we have already reviewed Jubilation 25 and Ubar on these links. Christopher Chong, creative director of Amouage, presents the two new fragrances of the Omani uber-luxurious brand, Epic for Women and Epic for Men. With a fusion coming directly out of the Silk Route, the fabled course from China to the West through Arabia, the two new fragrances incorporate traditional Middle-Eastern notes of oud and frankincense, as well as tea and Chinese flowers representative of the Far East.

Epic for Women is a floriental that incorporates warm and cool notes, such as cumin and tea, with the rich oud base that Amouage is not cutting corners on. The scent is firmly focused on incense with reportedly a surprising, almost mentholated lining throughout!
Notes for Amouage Epic Women:
Cumin, rose, cinnamon, geranium, jasmine, tea, amber, musk, incense, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, iris, aloeswood/oud.

Epic for Men is a deep, woody oriental evoking imperial splendours of past civilisations.
Notes for Amouage Epic Men:
Pink pepper, cumin, cardamom, saffron, mace, nutmeg, myrtle, geranium, myrrh, aloeswood/oud, sandalwood, leather, incense, cedarwood, musk, castoreum.

The two flacons for Amouage Epic reflect the well-known design of the brand now interpreted in a luminous imperial green, the colour which is thought to protect from evil in the East, decoaretd with a Swarovski crystal. Soon at select boutiques!


  1. Hi Perfume Shrine,

    nice blog! we have an italian blog dedicated to artistic perfume and we are excited for the release of Epic!

    If we (or you) have the chance to test it before September at Pitti Fragranze in Italy we may write (togheter) a sort of preview.

    Keep up the good work ;)

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for dropping by. Amouage has excited us here for some time now,as mentioned, because they pay attention to their line producing classical fragrances.
    Hopefully mr.Chong might help us (both) out into sampling it before release and I wouldn't have any objection on working together, as you suggest, in Italian and English! (on this or any other project, as time allows).

    The initial previews here on Basenotes (and a snippet on the autographed bottles here) are quite tempting, if you haven't seen them already for yourself! :-)

  3. Hi E

    Another Amouage worshipper here! Thanks for the announcement. Gold, Jubilation 25 and Homage are still my favorites, but I haven't spent enough time with Ubar to form a fair impression. I must get my hands on more than a small sample of it!

    As for Epic, the description sounds fascinating, particularly the idea of warm and cool, with a mentholated aspect joining notes such as cumin. Eagerly awaiting the official release.

  4. Hi, E -- Thanks for this news. Sounds very interesting. I am cautiously optimistic about mentholated tea + floriental, and am looking forward to testing these when they are available here in the US.

  5. M,

    we're two pilgrims set for Arabian shores, eh? Ubar is very good, yet I do prefer Jubilation 25.
    I liked that description as well, which is why I included it.

  6. Hi J!

    You're most welcome. I have high hopes myself, as everything I sampled of their is very good. The release date is set for September, I guess they will soon get on your shores too. :-)

  7. Rappleyea22:40

    Shame on me! I have never sampled any of the Amouage fragrances or an oud fragrance. As I love oriental scents, I must correct this fairly soon. Love the emerald flacon.

  8. Donna,

    I should be strict now and say it: GET THEE TO AN AMOUAGE COUNTER! Or order samples online; I can send you a sample of Jubilation 25 gratis myself, if you mail me with a shipping address. :-)

    I love the emerald flacon as well!

  9. Anonymous22:24

    Thank you for everyone's wonderful and encouraging comments. I am planning to go to Pitti in September.

    Best wishes
    Christopher Chong


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