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Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne: new fragrance

The newest feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent is officially corroborated as Parisienne and will be fronted by Kate Moss. There had been a photoshoot with Craig McDean by the Eiffel Tower a while ago and Kate seemed so in love with the couturier's smoking jacket she refused to let it go for days later. Right when she's ready to launch her own celebrity fragrance, Vintage, after the commercial success of her first eponymous scent Kate Moss, there rolls this new contract!

Parisienne will launch next autumn and will be encased in a bottle that is eerily reminiscent of the diamond-cut one of the original Paris. [click for a review]
Judging by the roses that accompanied the photo-shoot (and which perhaps not coincidentally perfectly match the shade of the bottle and juice) and by the optical resemblance of design to Paris fragrance, it's safe to assume that rose as a note or perhaps a central diva will be featured in the newest feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, composed by perfumers Sophia Grojsman (the nose behind the original Paris) and Sophie Labbé. Also the name, a variant denoting the citizen of Paris, the city, alludes to some relevance with the classic rose-violet perfume by the master couturier. The alleged vinyl top note comes with all the modern clin d'oeil to a younger generation who might have grown up with Paris being worn by their mothers, so it's natural they want to strut their own way in pleather slim-pants much like their idol, fashion-plate Kate Moss.

Parisienne will be available in 30ml/1oz, 50ml/1.7oz and 90ml/3oz of Eau de Parfum for prices between 51 and 90 euros and it will be accompanied by ancillary products, such as body lotion, shower gel and deodorant spray.

A perceptive reader of mine notified me at last Monday that the new fragrance is already featured slightly discounted on an online store in the Netherlands, from which comes the pic of the bottle, but the articles are not yet available for sale.

Official notes for Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne:

Top: “vinyl accord (evoking metal gloss and varnish)”, cranberry, blackberry
Heart: Damask rose, violet, peony
Base: patchouli, vetiver, musk, sandalwood.

The teaser ads, tagged "Qui est Parisienne?" (Who is Parisienne?) are playful, to the accompaniment of bass riffs.
Qui est Parisienne ?

Watch more on and take the fun test to win a week being Parisienne! (take the test clicking here)

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  1. Let me guess: maybe it's a rose (a clear reminiscence to Paris, the bottle really is an hommage!) with maybe some woods and a "clean" patchouli base?! I like it, so far, love Paris, the city, the perfume and have a soft spot for YSL.. so i am excited! :-)

  2. N,

    your guess doesn't seem far from what might be. But isn't Elle already a take on woody patchouli rose? I thought so.
    I have a soft spot for YSL too, as you know, although I have been a little disappointed with some handling of the brand lately.

  3. I'll smell it just because I love Paris (the fragrance).

  4. Jen,

    I think that's why I will too!
    Don't you love Paris the city though?

  5. Wow, that's strange about that on-line site in the Netherlands. It looks like you can already purchase a bottle, right? Yet it's not officially released until autumn. Really strange.

    Anywho, I love Paris, the city and the fragrance, which I wore in the early 80's. So I will definitely test this one.


  6. Kate Moss doesn't do much for me, but for some reason I am looking forward to this. I can't remember how you felt about Elle? I liked it but I don't think anyone else did!

  7. I like the city too :-).

  8. R,

    the site states that the perfume is not available for sale, even though it's listed. They list it with a discount already though, as if theyre sure they will have it right away! My reader mentioned it was an online site and sent me the pic but I found out which site it was and it made an impression on me too.

  9. March honey,

    I can't say that I am super excited with KM for this, I have in mind several other people who would fit better, but she's recognisable...or so they think?

    I found Elle rather blah...nice, but a little boring? You're prompting me to give it another chance. The Intense flanker is any good or should I only retest the original?

  10. Jen,

    aah...makes two of us. :-)

  11. I must admit that I never fell for Paris, neither the city nor the fragrance. The only reason why I actually like Paris is that my dear friend lives there...
    And... I detest Kate Moss. She may be charming, nice and just a dear in person but her persona in the media is just icky.

  12. L,

    Paris is good ;-), it's Parisienne I am having doubts about. But I will sniff just the same, just to make sure, because who knows? I might have a testing whiplash again.
    The media persona of Kate Moss is not congenial, very true, but I think they're going for recognisability. And she seems to be everywhere! I wonder how well it will bode now she's out in her own fragrance arena.

  13. Oh this does look a little interesting doesn't it! plus YSL could do with a new hit- I have been so turned off by everything since Cinema.

    I'm going to stand up for Kate Moss here- possibly because we share a birthday. Like her or not she gives great photo- plus I think YSL have a long standing relationship with her- didn't she used to be in the Opium ads at one point. That said you'd think they'd use a Parisienne for the fragrance.

  14. K,

    from your mouth to God's ear, as we say here. I really want YSL to have a hit. I have been disenchanted with new releases for quite some time (I don't count the pretty decent Paris and Opium flankers as new fragrances really).
    I liked Cinema and I LOVED Nu edp, but that was that. The masculines were disappointing too!

    Now as to Kate: Great point about previous collaboration! How did I not think of mentioning it before? *slaps forehead* Her ads for Opium were very good. But indeed the name reminds me of both parisian women and films which allude to...parisian women.

  15. Helg,
    I must see the city limits to feel normal. Green hills, preferrably. The immense stretches of cityscape from horizon to horizon make me feel endangered, dunno why. Paris is too big for me.
    And, plane trees. They are all over the place and the last time when I was in Paris, they almost killed me, poor K often wondered whether I'll stop coughing or whether she'd better call the ambulance. Allergy is a joy indeed...
    And, yeah, there are real parisiennes in Paris, no need to import a foreign model:D

  16. Alexsandra13:58

    Kate Moss for YSL.... Not more schoking then Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain. Inadequate but recognizable face.
    I don`t really expect anything other than average from new YSL fragrance. Maybe they`ll surprise me.

  17. L,

    you'd be at a loss here then. I always use the simile of pilaf when looking at the city from atop!!
    Allergies are no fun, no arguing with that. I suffer from hay fever too, so I know. (((hugs))

  18. A,

    I have come to expect little muself (the Cinema commercial was rather good, tough and the scent not too bad really) so it doesn't phase me.
    However yes, I could think of other models in KM's shoes. Not that I have strong feelings one way or the other, mind you

  19. Anonymous17:48

    I can't wait! The name is very chic so I hope it won't be a boring scent. Let's hope! The recent things from YSL weren't too good so I hope that they can surprise us!

  20. L,

    I share your hopes. It's one of the very few brands left with nothing "exclusive" (yet!) so their mainstreams better be good!

  21. Yves Saint Laurent has its official page on Facebook.

    You will have the latest information about new YSL fragrance Parisienne...

  22. Thank you Suzanne for commenting! I appreciate any direction you give regarding the YSL fragrances. After all, we're quite interested in the brand. :-)

  23. Anonymous22:16

    bought it today, im from the netherlands

  24. Anonymous22:46

    It's for sale in London at Harrod's and at Heathrow. The scent is cranberry, wood moss, violets, and rose, and it is VERY nice

  25. This smells delicious! LOVE it!!




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