Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is the Smell of Charred Meat the Secret to Seduction?

"A new fragrance (Flame) with a hint of flame-grilled meat has been launched by Burger King. Jonny Birkin asked Derby's women what they made of it. NEVER before have I been forced to fend off hordes of women whose primal instincts were sent haywire by my "scent of seduction. And despite dousing myself in a new scent released by flame-grilled Whopper-makers Burger King, I may have to wait a while longer."
Real-life testimonies from Derby, UK, women smelling Flame by Burger King range from the witty "If it came free with a Burger King meal then I guess it wouldn't be too bad, but I would never let my boyfriend pay for something like that" to the surprisingly accepting "It's quite spicy and musky. The more I smelt it, the more I thought it was sort of sexy."
Read the rest of the entertaining article "Derby shoppers give Burger King's meat-scented aftershave a mixed review" on the

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  1. Gasp!!!!
    I'm at a lost of words...
    Burger King!!!!!!!


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