Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scarlett by Cacharel: new fragrance

“Mon secret est à l’intérieur” , my secret is on the inside!. With that catchy phrase, Cacharel is taking a journey back to their roots with their newest feminine fragrance, Scarlett. The Liberty print design of the packaging as well as the concept of a floral evoking heroines of literature as well as Hollywood glamour (because of Scarlett Johansson) are testament to that desire. In that regard it will be interesting to play out since ms.Johansson has been the face of Eternity Moment for Calvin Klein for quite a while (featured even in a shot of her film "The Island") and now the face for D&G makeup (fortunately another L'Oreal subsidiary).

The three values of Cacharel have always been romanticism, audacity and freshness after all. The Victoriana of its Sarah Moon emblematic campaign is still with us after all those years and the retro touches of their porcelain bottles on our vanity are still objects of affection.

The fragrance Scarlett by Cacharel will incorporate a juicy citrus and pear prelude to a white floral heart of jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle anchored with tea notes, white musk and sandalwood. Much like their first foray with Anais Anais which relied heavily on lily this is ~apparently~ a return to less sugary compositions, a suprising aspect taking into account the fragrance is geared towards the 15-25 years of age demographic (a generation raised on very sweet perfumes). The perfumers for Scarlett are Honorine Blanc, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp while the romantically retro flacon of japonesque floral designs in white faience/biscuit porcelain with coral insides was designed by Christophe Pillet.

Scarlett by Cacharel will benefit from an extensive advertising campaign starting August. Prices for 35 mL and 80 mL of Eau de Toilette, 35 and 59 euros respectively in major department stores, the fragrance launching in mid-July '09.

Pic of Scarlett Johansson via My Old Kentucky.


  1. I dunno about this one. I usually can't wear white floral/orange blossom. I can wear sweet orange.

  2. The retro packaging is lovely. And I'm outside the target demographic, but I cheer for a return to low-calorie perfumery. Less sugar? I'm going to want to at least smell it.

    My mother wore Anais Anais for casual wear (her "good" perfume was No. 5), so I've never worn that one, and Lou Lou actually frightened me, but I thought Noa was a nice wallpaper scent.

  3. Hi there!

    Hope you're well :-))

    I believe it will be a little bit sweet since it has pear. But not too much. Certainly white florals are popular but not for everyone!
    I was disappointed with most recent Cacharel releases lately, so don't know how I feel about this one...

  4. Mals,

    hi and thanks for stopping by!

    I'm all for less calories in scent myself, LOL, great motto! Or should I make it glycaemic factor (as I like that fatty feel which some materials bring). I think I will sniff it too, so that makes two of us!

    Anais is rather good, your mother has good taste and Loulou is very good but needs to be applied with a Q tip :-)
    And Noa is indeed the perfect unobtrusive scent: pleasant, not too discernible to others.

  5. Not sure about those notes, but they are onto something with that box and bottle. Lovely!!

  6. Anonymous16:49

    Bring back Eau d'Eden...pleeezee!

  7. Anonymous17:00

    Hello E!

    Strangely enough, I look forward to trying this one. I love the bottle and the notes sound right up my alley.

    Have a fabulous day!


  8. I love pear in AA Gentiana - but citruses and white flowers may be risky on my skin. I'll check that one when it comes although hitherto I've most liked Nemo from Cacharel...

  9. Rappleyea22:52

    HA! I thought the name - Scarlett - referred to that famous Southern heroine, Scarlet O"Hara. Oh well....

    I see I have much reading to catch up on. And a big thank you for the pic link as I'm located in central Ky. as well. It will be an interesting read.


  10. divine box and bottle but reserving judgement on the juice- the pear sounds interesting though.

  11. T,

    the packaging is quite unusual and very romantic, I agree. A throw back to Anais Anais, eh?

  12. Anon,

    I believe Eau d'Eden isn't officially pulled from all markets. I seem to see it from time to time here, although not too often. Eden is quite a constant too.

  13. Dawn,

    hi honey!! How are you?
    The notes sound quite fetching, true. I can't resist testing a white floral either. :-)

  14. L,

    I kinda like Gentiana myself. I can't pinpoint it as to what exactly is that pleases me (I think it's the cool character of the overall composition), but it does.
    We'll see about this one, I guess. Pear synthetics come from the flavour industry so it's a little difficult to coax them into a fine fragrance (ex.Petite Cherie).

    I admit I don't recall Nemo. Should probably try it out at the store once more.

    Hope your flu is subsiding and you're feeling much better?

  15. Donna,

    no, no, your thinking is absolutely correct!! That's who they meant by alluding to literature. It's two birds with one stone on their part.

    Hope you find enjoyable things to occupy yourself here. :-))
    Hope Kentucky is having good weather right now!

  16. K,

    the presentation is quite summer-Breton-chic via 70s-Liberty-boho, eh? Catchy!
    I reserve judgment too, the latest releases from them were not to my taste at all.

  17. CedriCeCCentriC11:37

    I pretty sure that D&G makeup and perfumes are licensed to P&G rather than L'Oreal. I think that Miss Johanson's contract with L'Oreal expired at the end of 2008.

    I have a soft spot for Cacharel because when I started to collect perfumes as a teenager Loulou was my first purchase. I just loved everything about it: scent, bottle and ad. Anaïs Anaïs entered my collection a few months later. I'm happy to see them going back to their roots though scentwise Scarlett will probably not be for me.

  18. Hi and thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks for the tip on the parenting companies. I didn't know her contract with L'oreal expired so recently (I remember their body products being advertised through her, those couch shots, so lovely). So will be editing shortly to include the correct information.

    I have a soft spot for Cacharel either, although the latest releases have left me tooth-aching (sooo sweet). Loulou and Anais have been good company, the original men's was very popular at high-school and Noa is not a bad scent by any stretch of the imagination if a little timid and coy.

    Hope to see you again here!

  19. Love the packaging! Anything that isn't in a clear glass bottle attracts my attention - there aren't that many around.

    It does seem a little confused though - Scarlett is a Western name yet the bottle looks Oriental?

    I like sound of the scent too - I do like white flowers! Will look out for this one in the stores.

  20. LOL, you're perfectly on target A!
    They'd call it "fusion" I bet, I call it "confusion" ;-)
    At any rate I'd be willing to give it a proper testing when it hits the stores as well.


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