Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chanel news...yet again

It's final and official! What we have been discussing on Perfume Shrine for quite some time is finally a fact: All 12 of Les Exclusifs will be on (the US site) very soon! And for a limited time only (May 16th-May 24th), you can receive a deluxe sample of either Bois des Iles (code 0509BOIS ) or Cuir de Russie (code 0509CUIR) with your 85$ purchase on!


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm readying my wallet for imminent Bel Respiro and Eau de Cologne charges....

  2. B,

    Lucky you US guys, you get all the best deals. The European side is left without that option.... :-(
    We have to drag ourselves to the boutiques.

    But hope you get what you want! (those two are very fetching, no?)

  3. Hi Elena

    I keep going to but don't see any links to the les exclusifs. Do you have anymore details on this offer (or the free sample of BdI or CdR with purchase?)
    ... or maybe, in my delirious fervor, I read your post wrong? :)

  4. Hi Dea!

    These are to be released online shortly. Meaning they're not on the site just yet, although Beige apparently is, as discussed on this post (you will find the link to see it there).

    I believe they're a little sneaky and tempting people to purchase something now (for 85$), without Les Exclusifs making an appearence yet, with the lure of those samples for free, and later on launching the full scale production so people buy some more!! I assume that will happen after May 24th consequently ;-)


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