Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Chanel Exclusive Now Widely Available

As we had discussed the other day while focusing on changes on the Chanel USA site, the latest Les Exclusifs addition (2008), Beige by Jacques Polge, is joining the line-up of fragrances available online. It's my pleasure to be the first to announce that the information is now official, sent to me by the good people at Chanel, and in view of Beige making the FiFi 2009 finalists there is an exclusive pre-launch offering on

Beige is described as "An intense powdery floral of natural elegance and grace - eponymous for Mademoiselle’s Chanel’s favorite colour. New white petals and yellow gold flowers blend are highlighted by hints of honey that reveal its discreet sensuality."
Click this link to view the page and order. (NB: this is the only link that will land you on the Exclusifs page, as the site is not yet officially carrying them for those who are not in the know)

200ml of Eau de Toilette for 200$.

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  1. ooooh...An exclusive on the Exclusifs! Very nice.

  2. It seems like they're pushing it too much, doesn't it!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear S! Hope your day is going well :-))

  3. I love exclusive things! :) Also fun to know that beige was Coco Chanel's favorite color- I didn't know that!

  4. J,

    apparently that was the story that first circulated when Allure was initially launched in the mid-90s. I remember distinctly that they claimed the beige packaging was to reflect Coco's for that colour.
    Of course there was a whole collection of fashions in beige, blue and red in the 20s and a vitage Beige fragrance, so it was all a matter of time.

    Enjoy your weekend!:-)

  5. Not. Fair. Here they cost 200 euros each.
    I've had Beige for a few months and it's a bit too heavy for me.

  6. It's a bummer all right.....Not trhat I am mad for Beige, mind you. It's just that the US market is so....important.


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