Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photos of Manoumalia by Les Nez Launch in Noumea, New Caledonia

The fascinating and individual exotic floral Manoumalia by Les Nez (Parfums d'Auteurs) has found its pride of place at Noumea in New Caledonia (Nouméa, Nlle Calédonie), the place of residence of its talented creator, Sandrine Videault. She must be very proud to have this among the very people who inspired it and I was honoured to receive the photos to post for your delectation!

The wonderful line on the poster reads: "Le parfum, c'est un ami invisible qui parle pour vous" (Perfume is an invisible friend who speaks for you). A line which we, perfume enthusiasts, identify with most decisively!

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  1. You know, darling-

    I've read so many unfavorable impressions of this; and I've got to say that I ADORED my sample.
    I will most definitely purchase it- later on, in the summertime.

    And I'm not a 'tropics fiend', either; i just find it so remarkably well done, indolently luxurious.
    It makes me feel like a Gaugin !

  2. I,

    really?? Unfavourable? Everyone I know loved it and found it -exactly- "indolently luxurious and remarkably well done". I have no patience for juvenile tropical florals with heapspoons of "creamy" sugary frills on top, I guess, although I realise that lots of women want an edible version to make them feel "exotic" and "yummy".

  3. Seriously- on both Basenotes and POL, there were quite a few who sampled and were not pleased.

    It struck me, because I was moved to send both a thank you, and a detailed impression of the scent to mr. Schifferle...

    I was deeply moved by Manoumalia.

  4. Anonymous03:18

    Chayaruchama, if you search Manoumalia on google, you will realize that Manoumalia is accepted unanimously. Happy to read that you have been deeply moved by Manoumalia. I can understand as for me it is a real elegant shiny perfume

  5. I,

    I can only echo your sentiments and say that we have already shared a bottle between ourselves with another enthusiast. Perhaps the raw-ness was unexpected to some people (granted) but I found it the crowning glory of the fragrance myself. Obviously you did too!

  6. Anon,

    it's always good to know that there is wide acceptance for something one likes so much. Thanks for reporting.

  7. I ordered a sample of this after reading your review and articles E.. and indeed it smelled exactly as I hoped it would. I have ordered a bottle. Summer is in the air here and I am very happy to think of wearing this beautiful scent soon. I have printed your review and interview with the perfumer and am giving it to a woman I know who has been to New Caledonia regularly.

  8. J,

    isn't it amazing? It was one of the best discoveries of the year (it was issued at the edge of 2008 to 2009 so I am not sure whether to categorize as last year's issues or this one's, but it's certainly very special!)
    I would be most thrilled to hear the views of your Caledonian-visiting friend on these articles! (do mail me if you want using the mail in profile)


  9. Hello there,
    can anyone please tell me what shop this is in Noumea? I will be there in October, and would really like to go and check this out.


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