Friday, February 27, 2009

News from Le Labo: new fragrance out Oud 27

Le Labo, the so-hip-it-hurts brand which has been issuing fragrances on an exclusive city-availability basis (read the London-exclusive Poivre 23 review here along with some thoughts on the brand) is issuing a new scent, this time available everywhere by the looks of it (certainly available from the online shop of French Colette boutique):
"On March 27th, Le Labo releases their brand new fragrance Oud 27. As usual, don’t expect to only smell Oud in this creation... Atlas cedar, incense, Patchouli, Saffron or Gaiac wood make this composition an intimate vision of the East. In one phrase it's the scent of 1001 Nights embottled. Never before has one of their fragrances gone as far in sensuality and appeal. Oud 27 is the first new worldwide fragrance since Le Labo was created".

I fear that after that description we will be all heading to sample this anyway...

Info and pic via Colette's newsletter


  1. I am not a big "bottle" girl but that one is so ugly - it looks to me like something you would have to leave behind at the pathology lab Helg!

  2. The Le Labo brand is going for the whole clinical-operating-theatre approach with all their bottles, like things bought off the chemist's using a prescription. (I'm not even going into the "urine test" vial association one might naturally think of! LOL!)
    In a way it's a bit ironic because the whole "chemistry-mixing-lab- scenario on the spot" (see my Poivre 23 review linked above for more info)is more of a gimmick than anything else (ie.the compound is already mixed and the pourer is only doing the dilution in front of you).
    Anyway, I am buying decants and not bottles of those, so no harm done! ;-)

  3. yes i will have to try this... i sort of agree about the bottles but do like the old fashioned typewriter script.

  4. stella p13:06

    Agree, it reminds me of the sorroundings when I as a young student worked on a project located at a pathology lab. All those smells, of which someone were wery nice.. :)
    But in our setting, the clinical approach is the wrong one, I think/feel
    (can't even imagine that anybody dressing to be sexy, or any other thing I can imagine, would reach after a bottle like this!)

  5. K,

    the script is the retro touch. And easy to produce I bet.

  6. Hi S!
    Well, I think they're cornering a different demographic than say Guerlain! Although the ad copy would make one feel that "sexy" is a universally appealing goal for perfume!! LOL!

  7. It's about time they released a new fragrance for everyone! And, I hope the price is for everyone's budget, too.


  8. R,

    high time indeed! It's annoying to have to search for the exclusives to sample and then realise one needs to do a return trip if something caught their fancy or burden themselves on a friend/relation for it.

    I hope the price is reasonable as well. Their small bottles are not stratospheric at any rate.

    Hope you're very well and hugs to you too!:-)

  9. Love it. Rose 31 is still my favorite but its a good creation in my book.

  10. Good to hear some additional feedback :-) Thanks for stopping by!


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