Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blast from the Past

Perfume advertising has progressed a lot and never is this more obvious than upon viewing old cheesy commercials with a retro touch, such as my selection here today.

Sharon Stone appears in her overstyled, overcoiffed youth in a 1983 commercial for mass market Revlon fragrance Charlie.
Do note how similar the condo with the pool looks with the famous one shot for Chanel No.5 with Carole Bouquet from around the same time frame!

A 1992 Exclamation commercial reminds me of clothes designs from the 80s and shoots from the French Elle magazine.

And Coty relaunches L'Aimant in the 1980s with this commercial which not only mangles the pronunciation, but also manages to commit a grammatical mistake on the very packaging of the flanker fragrance, L'Aimant Eternelle. Sadly, l'aimant (=the magnet) is a masculine name in French...(therefore it should have been ├ęternel). C'est la vie! Better luck next time.

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  1. Wow- thanks for this blast from the past! I can't get over how cheesy commercials seem... I think we have gotten used to more sophisticated advertising... It was a fun trip down memory lane...

  2. Oooh , I guess I will not need some Charlie for this young guy was driving up my butt today because I would not go faster than the speed limit - I am Not living in the Fast Lane Helg! LOL

  3. oh wow. Indeed, we live a faster live these days. the eternelle movie goes on for seemingly ever and in the same time, today, we would get an entire CV told with a stunt scene included ;-)

  4. J,

    aren't they? It's become very to the point too, nowadays.
    Hope you're very well :-))

  5. My dear M,

    so glad to see you getting your cheerful spirits back up again! :-))

  6. Andy,

    that's very true, you're right! It gets communicated very s l o w l y (and when the mood changes *pause* there is the new *pause* L'aimant eternelle (sic) etc.etc.


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