Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quelle Difference by Guerlain

Do note the name of the parfumerie counter...And in case you were wondering, no, the perfume is completely fictional of course.

Clip brought to my attention by PrettyL/mua


  1. Hahaha! Jim Henson was a master. Those matching pink ruffled outfits are hilarious.

  2. Indeed! :-D
    I liked the rant about how the perfume would react on men! LOL
    (and a lesson on blush application there too!)

  3. Ha! Thanks, E--That got my day off to a smiling start.

  4. LOL, thank you Helg! Combining two of my favorite things perfume and The Muppets. Great way to start the day.

  5. M,

    We aim to please :-)

  6. J,

    you're welcome, I am wishing you a great day ahead!

  7. Anonymous20:05 avant-garde interpretation of the 'doe eye' (a doe-eyed pig!?!?!)

    i think mr. rose will get a kick out of this one! thank you, lunarose

  8. god I love Joan rivers. I know , most people do not but I do! I even went to see her when she had a show in Melbourne - she was the best.
    Why can't perfume and makeup SA's act like that - I would buy their stuff! LOL
    If I was at a boring dinner party - come on - lets face it you'd love to be sitting next to Joan. Oooh the gossip! LOL

  9. Ah, Muppets Take Manhattan I believe. Love that movie.

  10. You're welcome Lunarose!
    (doe-eyed pig! LOL!)

  11. M,

    I think Joan Rivers is a smart lady, no matter the face-lifts which usually have people commenting (me too, I'm afraid). I remember old shows when she was actually very funny! (and expressive)
    If only SAs acted like that...I think they'd get more sales, actually!

  12. Luna,

    glad I provided a little pleasure! :-)


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