Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Features Coming Up on Perfume Shrine

Perfume Shrine is pleased to announce the introduction of yet new features to accompany our very popular original ones: Frequent Questions and Myth Debunking. For these projects we aim to provide answers to questions that often arise due to confusion, misunderstandings, false claims by sales assistants or just good old inexperience (the best reason of them all because we have all been there!). Easily, clearly, yet not simplistically, we will try to offer useful guidelines for your shopping and appreciative purposes.
First installment coming up shortly!


  1. Nice initiative! There are so much perfumery fairy tales trying to mislead. It's really time for some myth debunking - in times when perfume industry tries to keep a customer in the dark.

    But there is also another side of a medal. The essence of perfume is an illusion and "fantasy in a bottle". And mystery is its essential part.

    Sometimes it's difficult to keep a balance between the truth and mystery... Good luck!

  2. Good one Helg. Oooh there is alot of Bull**** said by SA's to get that sale! LOL

  3. M,

    thanks, I do suppose I will need some luck as it's not an easy feat: succinctly said! Indeed there is a fine, delicate balance.

  4. M,

    LOL! Yeah, I think some notions are a little "strained" to suit specific purposes, namely sales :-)

  5. Looking forward to myth debunking! :) What a great idea. I hope you do one on Naturals vs. Synthetics!! :)

  6. Thanks K!
    Well, Naturals vs.Synthetics had been treated two years ago on this article. But there's always room for more and in fact I have something in mind that fringes on that matter ;-)

  7. I am so tired of the whole idea that natural is "better" than synthetic, or inherently safe. This is NOT true and can be totally the opposite in certain situations! It frustrates me to no end. Arsenic is natural too, is that safe?

  8. Honestly, I think that whole rhetoric is misguided: fragrance choice shouldn't be about safety, but about aesthetic choices, since fragrance is de facto a redundancy (it's not a functional product that you need to use like -say- soap). Therefore this debate does a terrible disservice to natural perfumers who try to coax the natural materials into something that can become beautiful. (some manage to do that in some cases, some don't). On the other hand it also harms the mainstream sector and niche perfumers who work with aromachemicals, because suddenly their products become something defiant or something to be rationed (see the complaints on reformulation): a double-edged sword to be sure.
    I just think it all stems from an overwhelming desire to "clean" up the environment as much as possible (only that's not that easily feasible) and a desire to be as politically correct as deemed right these days ("oh, I don't want to offend with my perfume", "people have scent allergies, you know", blah blah blah).
    Interesting issue, to be sure.


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