Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Break

Between travel and work I am taking two days off to conduct a couple of interviews.
Will be back next week with exciting features, the continuation of our vetiver adventures and some (hopefully) interesting commentary on various fragrant matters.
I might not be able to attend to your delightful comments right away, but rest assured that I always welcome them and will try to reply to them as soon as I am back on board.


  1. The woman in the upper right picture appears as if she uses the carpet as a mouliette.

    Or had one too many vetiver-tinis.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Take it easy Helg and have a good time doing it!

  3. Anonymous09:48

    Where are you going, if I am not a nosey Parker? you will tell us when you get back I reckon.

  4. Ha! Yes, very good, V!
    It's been a blast :-)

  5. Thank you M, I'm back in one piece: tired but happy.

  6. A,

    you will find out soon enough, I have surprises for you readers.


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