Saturday, September 6, 2008

Credit to Sniffapalooza

Congrats to Raphaella Brescia Barkley, Editor in Chief of the Sniffapalooza Magazine, for scoring: the online magazine that emerged out of the Snifapalooza NYC event has been going from strength to strength lately and has found its audience, among them people from the industry. According to the latest newsletter:
"Just one of the most famous perfumers of our time, MICHEL ROUDNITSKA has signed the Sniffapalooza Magazine Guest Book.
Mandy Aftel also signed last week-a double honor from two completely different artists".
To view, click on the Sniffapalooza link and scroll to bottom of main page. Click on “view entries”.

Special congratulations also to Michelyn Camen for the series of Fragrance & the Arts, a fun approach to fragrance reviewing.

Logo pic courtesy of Sniffapalooza


  1. It is so generous of you to acknowledge their hard work !

    I only hope that one day, we can meet you in the flesh; Sniffa folks are really pretty amazing.

    Raff twists herself into a pretzel for us all, as do the Karens-
    And Michelyn has really worked like a wildwoman these last six months or more.

    Not a mean bone in these bodies...

  2. Prince Barry18:30

    I agree completely with darling Chaya.

    Thank you for mentioning Sniffa on your blog my dear.

  3. Yes, yes!!! I agree completely. Raphaella is a darling and does the perfume community a great service by providing us with delectable treats from the aromatic world!

  4. Anonymous23:58

    Hello you beautiful perfumista's,
    thank you so much Helg and to everyone who has emailed me at the Magazine. You guys are too kind.

    Michelyn and I wish to thank you for your support!

    Wait till the October 1 issue to see who Michelyn got to talk to!
    Love you Helg!

  5. Raphaella00:00

    So sorry, I pushed the wrong button! I am the Anonymous above!

  6. Dear I,

    I would love to meet up.
    I can see that there has been lots of work going on lately: It shows!

  7. PB,

    you're very welcome. Credit where it's due and all that. :-)

  8. R,

    I am glad that I see people responding to this effort. :-)

  9. Thank you Raphaella,

    I bet it's been great to see the recognition to your and your associates' work. Looking forward to the interesting developments.

  10. Raphaella has taken Sniffa Magazine from infancy to fabulous in such a short time! Her support and care given to the perfume community is just wonderful.

  11. Very generous comment, Anya.


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