Sunday, August 17, 2008

Withering and Dying

Diptyque is pursuing the discontinuation of some of its products: after the lamented axing of some of their most interesting fragrances, 22 candles go up in smoke -figuratively, as well as literally! Denyse has the scoop on which ones.


  1. Yes, I find the gutting of the Diptyque line to be a tragedy. Additionally, they closed their boutique in Boston. Among the many candles they discontinued is a lovely Cuir, a buttery-plush leather in the mode of Chanel Cuir de Russie or Diorling. I stocked up, and have one sitting on my desk unlit right now.

  2. J,

    I hoped that a firm who was indeed not afraid to issue "strange" things and with roots in the Greek tradition (the founding team's expeditions on Athos, their trekking on mountains, their house at Pilion: all inspirations behind their scents and candles...), they would resist the low sales and keep the weird for the sake of exoticism.

    Cuir is very good, true. (Chene was -predictably?- my favourite)
    Bois Ciré is very true to life and Aster is the smell of a Greek garden in spring!
    I was hoping to get Oeillet, Giroflée and Narcisse for next spring-summer, but it seems like I won't be able to at my leisure...

    Pity about the Boston boutique too! I remember you mentioning it on boards and thinking "what a shame!"


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