Friday, August 22, 2008

Take a Bow!

There are times when the esoterica of correspondence has a way of making one realise the little wonders that fill one's life. Small tidbits that brighten the mundane with fairy dust of a fairy Godmother; a smile and a small confession, some wistfulness and the appreciation of the same values in the otherwise dimly lit path of life. And in this path, people even talk about perfume.
Chayaruchama, or Ida, as friends know her, is one of the wonders of the perfume community who like King Midas has the rare gift of turning everything she touches into pure gold. Not the gold that lies at the end of the the rainbow or the lady who is buying a Stairway to Heaven. Instead, the gold that shines into the hearts of people who meet her.
I am not at all surprised that, out of the myriads of people that the photographer of the New York Times could have captured a shot of, they chose the expressive face of Ida, absorbed into the daydreaming that perfume has the power to evoke in us. I am not surprised that Neil Morris has created a perfume at her honour, as a hommage to her personality. I am not surprised that she has been blessed with wonderful children and loyal friends who sing her praises in the tongues of angels. She has earned all these and if you glimpse even the slightest bit of her, you surely already know.
Perfumista par excellence, opera singer, ministering angel in the wards of her patients, tender mother and muse to niche perfumers, jack of all trades yet master in all, Ida is a bundle of joy for everyone who talks with her or participates in the same forum.

Dearest, I feel deeply honoured to have been one of them!


  1. leopoldo11:46

    She's a wonder, that one. Love her to pieces. Thanks for this E!

  2. Indeed she is, L! (and so are you, I might add).
    You're welcome, it was long overdue ;)

  3. dinazad13:29

    Absolutely. Ida is a joy and a miracle. You can't but love her.

  4. Yay, Ida! Everywhere I look in the perfumeblogosphere, I see evidence of her presence and irrepressible spirit. Perhaps some day I'll meet her. After all, we live in the same city. :-)

  5. Dear Z,

    you said it best "you can't but love her". Indeed :-))
    (and nice to see you again, hope you're very well!)

  6. Dear J,

    I surely hope you will meet up and "jam" together. I bet that'd be great!

  7. I've been blessed by Ida's generosity, and I thank her for all her lively and poetic contributions to the blogosphere! xo


  8. Rappleyea20:11

    Helg ~ What a beautiful post. And to show someone appreciation is a gift in itself, so kudos to you as well. I've never had the pleasure of meeting/speaking with Ida. She sounds divine!

  9. She's a sweetheart! Was her picture in the NYT??

  10. Ida is generosity itself, not to mention brilliant and funny. I don't know how many of you have had the pleasure of hearing her sing, but her voice is as beautiful and expressive as the rest of her.

    Your tribute is lovely, E. Thanks so much for brightening my day.

  11. Madelyn07:48

    Yes to know her -is to Love her--
    I, too, have been blessed by this angel of light ,
    a unique caring being,
    true friend
    comic, honest yet exquisitely sensitive woman--
    She is a gift, a treasure to all who are truly priviledged to know her!
    Thank you for this well written tribute of a great lady !!!!

  12. B,

    you're lucky then! :-))

  13. Rappleya,

    thank you ever so much: she is a wonderful lady, I sincerely hope you do talk at some point.

  14. Karin,

    indeed it was! ;-)

  15. M,

    it's like you say, exactly.
    You're very welcome, it was one of the most pleasurable posts to write, honestly.

  16. M,

    it seems like Ida's friends truly love her! I hope she can see that.
    Thanks for commenting, honey :-)

  17. I'm a bit overwhelmed; please forgive my lack of response, here...

    I'm grateful to all of you for your largesse and reciprocal warmth ! You are gifts in my life- all of you !!!

    I maintain that The Divine compensated me , later in life, with wonderful nuclear family and friends, to balance out everything else...

    And here's the proof.


    It would have been easy just to answer the email, LOL !
    I'm simply thrilled that you've allowed me into your lives, to share with you- the good, as well as the horrid.

    One promise: I'll never betray you- not your confidence, nor your privacy.
    Your trials and dreams are precious to me.

    Thank you, sweet people.
    I'm lovin' you, RIGHT BACK.

  18. I agree, Ida is a real jewel!

  19. Ida,

    I am thrilled I made you smile :-)
    That's the best reward in itself.

  20. L,

    I was sure you'd agree!

  21. Anonymous08:16

    Wow, i cannot add anything here... i am just overwhelmed that people like Ida exist and we can see them. I always thought angels were of etheral physique... ;-)
    I love you both, Ida and Helg!



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