Friday, May 9, 2008

Smell you later

Another day, another interview with Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez because of Perfumes the Guide. Kurt from brought them to a nearby Duane Reed to unlock the mysteries of body spray, handiwipes, and crayons.
The tone is again playful, maybe a little ironic.
Here it is, via

Click "play" to hear:

There are several references to popular scents and products, even Carmex (which I am not partial to), Old Spice (which personally I love) and crayolas. Also the usual pep-talk about how chemistry revolutionized the fragrance industry in the 1880s.
Please note that Luca proclaims that he likes several things that might seem like a joke when worn, but he appreciates as odors artistically. The reason why many of his choices might seem unwearable to perfume wearers.

Link brought to my attention by Rivercat00388 on MUA


  1. A pleasure, darling !

    Happy Mother's Day to you...

  2. Thanks darling! To you too!


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