Friday, May 30, 2008

Behind the Knee...

A commercial NOT to be missed! An old, rare (never seen it linked before) clip for Chanel No.5 with Catherine Deneuve seducing us through the screen, talking about her man and how they indulge each other.
Click here to watch La Deneuve!

You've probably never seen it because they mispelled the Chanel name...

Next week we will tackle an exciting niche line flying under the radar, review vintage treasures and have lots of surprises to come too. Stay tuned!
Pic of 1970s ad via Okadi


  1. She's such a penultimate Libra !
    Thanks for the treat !

  2. She's really special, isn't she?
    You're most welcome. It was wonderful to stumble upon it searching for other things ;-)

  3. What a great find! It's hot in here, LOL!

  4. Isn't it?? :-)

    {Got your mail btw, will be replying shortly}

  5. Lovely and fun! But you know what sadly really caught my attention the prices.

  6. Thanks J!

    Yeah, this is what shocked me out of my ennui as things have changed!

  7. Anonymous19:04

    I remember seeing that commercial and others in that series, all very sensual and suggestive yet tasteful, on TV in Canada back in the 70's. They caused quite a sensation. My brothers used to run into the room to watch them every single time!

  8. Anon,

    what an interesting comment! Thank you!

    So they worked admirably, it seems. Well, colour me non-surprised :-)


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