Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez TV and Radio Interviews

Thanks to the amazing skills and generosity of IrisLA, a truly lovely, generous lady and a reader of this venue, Perfume Shrine is in the position to offer you the clip of the interview by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez on occassion of issuing their new book Perfumes The Guide on Good Morning America.
Here is the TV interview clip then. Enjoy and kudos to Iris LA!

I do have to say that Luca comes across as quite shy! Watch those clasped hands, that downcast gaze. And that Tania is animated and good fun. Of course this is merely my impression, but nice to know that the snark coming off the pages is for entertainment purposes.
The questions are mostly basic and there are no surprises for perfumephiles, but it's interesting to see some myth debunking on a big mainstream channel. The one about personal chemistry is especially relevant and it was good that the authors segue on to give us their differing opinions (Luca doesn't believe in it, Tania says she experimented with friends to that effect), but finally they converge into what seems like an approximation of what really happens: namely that perfumes have an initial difference on different people only to drydown to a similar result. Makes some degree of sense, otherwise how on earth would be able to recognise them when we smelled them on strangers?
Nice trivia that the interviewer is referencing on two occassions Diane Sawyer who is by all accounts a perfume lover with her own collection and whose favourite scent is Sabi.

On the other hand, there was also a radio interview with Luca and Tania on On Point, WBUR 90,9 Boston's NPR station. The segment was called "Perfume Appreciation" with guest host Jane Clayson on which there was supposedly a part devoted to Patty Geissler of Perfume Posse. An esteemed blogger, someone who does have an extensive collection and a reputable seller of fragrance decants, it would make all the sense in the world if they had let her speak her mind instead of cutting her off to let a Creed representative go on about the line in what seemed like promo copy, refuting the Love in White review. Of course this was a particularly vitriolic review in the book (basically -and I am paraphrasing for copyright reasons- implying that if you had been confined to sleeping for two months in the rough like a homeless person and you had been presented with Love in White as your shampoo for your first bath thereafter you'd prefer to keep the lice instead). And it's understandable that they wanted to give both sides of the argument.
Nevertheless, it would have helped a whole lot more if there was some discussion with an impartial perfume lover who has actually tested the scent and read the review as well. Still, you can listen to the interview through your computer even if you're a continent away, clicking this link. (Choose Windows Media or Realserver on top of article and click)


  1. andy09:29

    Fragrant greetings to IrisLA, and a thank you to the two of you. Can't wait to watch it....

  2. You're very welcome, Andy. Iris went to quite the trouble to convert from analog technology.

  3. Thanks so much to you both! I missed the GMA interview, and the NPR broadcast wasn't available in my area of the US. I agree; it would have been great to hear what Patty G. had to say. Both LT and TS are interesting, but I was esp. impressed with how charming Tania is. I plan to seek out the book at my local library, but I'm waiting until the buzz dies down a bit.

  4. You're very welcome Anita! Now you're catered for, thanks to Iris!
    I was eagerly waiting for Patty's input because she is so in tune to what occupies the perfume community, but....
    Hope you enjoy the book when you read it, it's good fun.

  5. homeless people sleep for two months? and they have lice? In what country? Trully is speled with one L

  6. LOL!! I am going to assume you're being playful, Gooch! :-))

    Thanks for your correction: "Trully is speled with one L"
    I am writing in a second language, so duly corrected! (and a mental note to actually use the darn spell checker!)
    Then again "speled" is spelled with two Ls. ;-)

    It was actually written in the book "sleeping rough at Nouakhchott for two months" (if you insist on a quote) from which I playfully surmised they meant outdoors, with no plumbing etc..... like a homeless person would.
    I'd be inclined to believe that they meant the person had spent two months in that condition (hence the lice, these things do exist!), not that they were actually sleeping all the time ~I'd hazzard the guess that if someone is sleeping for over 24 hours, there's the distinct chance he/she might never wake up again

  7. It was my pleasure to upload the clip for my fragrance friends! *waves to Andy*

    I expected Turin to be a haughty intellectual with a cutting wit. He was surprisingly down to earth. Loved Sanchez's bubbly enthusiasm. How wonderful that they share this passion.

  8. Iris, thanks for dropping by and being so kind in sharing this :-D

    Yes, they seemed a little nervous, didn't they? I know I would too! LOL

  9. I too was disappointed, I really wanted to hear Patty. Also, I must say that I absolutely hated the radio interviewer. You know how you get that feeling sometimes, but can't quite logically explain it? All I know is that to me, she came off as downright obnoxious.

  10. Yes, dear D, I agree whole-heartedly, very well said as always.

    BTW, hope you got my mail ;-)

  11. Thank You! He married quite a beautiful woman who shares his passion--and he's quite funny--roast chicken--plus his tips on putting scent strips aside to smell throughout the day , and scenting clothing-- I like the way they laugh & share... such a sweet couple.

  12. Thank you DCB for your comment.

    Tania is beautiful in the clip, I agree! I also loved the tips on putting blotters in books, that's what I do myself anyway(I felt like I wasn't that weird after all, when I heard this, hehe)

  13. Thanks, Elena. He *is* outrageously shy at just the wrong moments! Just before this scene, he was charming the makeup and hair people (telling the lady who does hair to "do something really chic" while waving his hands around an invisible bouffant a foot in the air), then the camera turned on and he suddenly began impersonating his own chair. I was jittery and talked far too quickly. They should keep vodka in the green room instead of coffee for fidgety guests. Well, that was an adventure.


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