Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Essence of Woman?

I consider myself rather cynical at times, although idealism is not lacking in my psyche. But coming from an old civilization who has gone through just about anything on god's green earth, I thought I had seen it and heard it all; at least by osmosis, through tales of elders. How wrong was I! Apparently in the perfumery stakes I am but a mere novice who has not really thought of the potential of raw animal power in concentrated form!

The first time this new perfume came to my ears I thought it was a spoof. The second mention rang bells of pseudo-intellectualism. I hadn't hit the links to see that it is an actual product for sale. Perfume Shrine in its eternal quest for pure journalism had to investigate.
I soon found out others had similar reactions to mine. And people on the street had even more spontaneous reactions.
The perversely fascinating concept is hiding on this site. Enter at your own peril! Tom Ford has nothing on this one!
The fact that the company is based in Cologne, the town of the famous Eau de Cologne which gave its name to the whole bunch of aromatics is just proof that God does have a sense of humour after all...

Pic courtesy of Athinorama. No real animals were harmed during this photoshoot.


  1. This crudity leaves me wordless.

  2. stella polaris12:33

    Well, I thought Etat Libre d'Orange had went as far in this direction as possible. So wrong one may take..
    This is definitively a scent I would not like to try on!

  3. Who'd a thunk it? Seems a bit tasteless, bordering on tacky to me. Perhaps it is what the world is coming to that leads here. But I can't imagine the thing would actually sell . . . we do all have our own lifetime supply. Ghastly,actually.

  4. Anonymous13:10

    Excuse me while I go look for my words on the ground - they just fell out of my mouth.

  5. Malena13:35

    dear e.,

    i´ve to admit: your post = the perfume you mentioned made me giggle ;)

    what else can you do when something that hilarious is marked with words like "the odor of a beautiful woman" LOL

    you know, i´m pretty sure there are people who´ll buy it (though i think they aren´t perfumistas)!

    i wonder if they´ll also bring out an "odor of a strong man" in the near future?!

  6. K, yeah, isn't it ASTOUNDING that they market this?

  7. I thought so too, SP! But there is always a frontier ahead it seems!

  8. One would think that indeed we have our own supply, so why bother? Obviously, we are soooo unsophisticated! LOL

  9. So the real question is who came up fist with putting the product over the vagina Tom or these guys? Yeesh. What may officially be one of the most ridiculous things I have seen. I officially how dopey the guy looks; he seems to be trying to pull off Donald Trump.

  10. Sabina,

    I can relate!

  11. Dear C,

    glad it was giggle-inducing, at least. I was so astonished that I simply had to blog about it.
    Oh, I'm sure people will buy it, only it will be men, not women. A certain special niche.

    And btw, isn't the "odor of a stong man" covered at least in name?

  12. This is a deathmatch: the, Tom Ford, them, Tom Ford...I am munching pop corn as we speak with a certain Roman-arena feeling about it....
    Hadn't thought of the DT imagery: but now that you say it....

  13. Proof positive:
    You've GOT to love the Germans.
    What a hoot !

    I'm not offended, just mightily amused.
    Now, CRUELTY- that's offensive.
    This one's just plain silly wishful thinking-
    For purchase by the consumers of rubber ladies, perhaps.

  14. It's rather...outré, isn't it? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw they're actually selling this. How do they...harvest it, I wonder, LOL
    Rubber ladies replete with their own hydraulic systems. Gotta love them ;-)

  15. Anonymous22:26

    Wow! I'm still shocked this isn't a joke! It doesn't offend me whatsoever--it's actually rather humorous. That being said, I won't be buying any!
    And yes, how DO they harvest this? lol

  16. Molly,I wasn't offended either, but it is so's laughable!

  17. Anonymous21:28

    For your Cologne-association let me cite Depeche Mode "...But I think that gods got a sick sense of humor..." (from the Blasphemous Rumours lyrics).
    Well. Cologne/Germany after all. Aren't we a funny bunch of people over here...? You've seen us do many stupid things. These for the change are funny, at least.
    Hm... and another thought...
    Do you think there are those poor girls from the pics (what a gallery) that are farmed for the gaining of the juice... *giggle*... we should maybe form something like PeTA, only for vulvas...? *turning red and running away*

    lillie, un-PC

  18. It IS funny, N!
    Your Peta-suggestion isn't that bad...LOL


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