Friday, November 16, 2007

A little teasing!

Worshippers of the Shrine, please stay tuned for next posts which will occupy themselves with a new niche line with fabulous products!


  1. elodie11:56

    hi Helg, I'm Elodie, I'm french (sorry if I make a lot of errors when I write) and I want to talk about a perfume named "Musk oil" by Jean Louis Gady, infact when I went to Italy to meet my italian friend I discovered her perfume which was "Musk oil" and now I love it... I wanted to search about it on google and you are the only one to know this perfume, it's strange !! noboby knows it without you :) the problem is where I buy it in France??! when did you discovered this perfume? and how do you know it?

    I'm sorry for my english very bad!

    bye bye

  2. Hi Elodie and welcome to Perfume Shrine; hope you like it here. (and we do speak French too!)

    Jean Louis Gady Musk Oil (which is in fact eau de toilette and not an oil) is indeed something I have the privilege to have known. Quite exclusively, as you say. In all my years of reading on the Net, I haven't met anyone involved in perfume who knows it. (weird!!)
    Anyway, I love it!! And people I have sent samples to say they also like it.

    I found it by accident in a big departement store in Greece. I don't know if it is available in France (I think it should be), but it is made by an Italian brand, despite the French name; that's for sure. That is as of last year when I got my third bottle.

    I think you're better off asking your Italian friend for a bottle. However I would ask at Galleries Lafayette and similar stores for it first. There is also some circulating on Ebay.
    Perhaps I will write a post about it ;-)

  3. I also found this link:

    Buy JLG Musk

    Hope that helps :-)

  4. Help! I am trying to find where I can purchase musk oil by Jean Louis Gady. I have searched the internet for hours to find this product. Also called major department stores with no luck. Someone gave me a bottle of this when I was visiting Italy 2 years ago and I love it. I get lots of comments about the smell. Hope someone can help me out.
    Thanks MaryJaneFerretti USA


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