Thursday, June 30, 2016

Berdoues Cologne Grand Cru Assam of India: fragrance review

If travel-inspired fragrances usually hint at the region via their name mainly, then Assam of India corresponds to...India, naturally. As one might surmise it's an evocation of black Assam tea, typical to India, in this case aromatized by a tantalizingly mouthwatering citrus top note that evokes the bergamot addition of Earl Grey tea. Being a firm devotee of this very aromatic blend, the lacing of the southern Europe citrus fruit a welcome addition to the peaty scent of classic black tea, Assam of India by Berdoues didn't have to fight an arduous fight to earn a place of pride on the vanity table.

The perfumer set out in search of these black Assam tea leaves grown at a very low altitude – sea level – that reveal an exceptional character that mirrors India. It is the result of the unique blend of citron from Menton, tea from India and sandalwood from Mysore. The citron from Menton is characterised by very fruitful branches that bear up to twice as many lemons as other varieties. Its half-acid, bitterless flavour gives its essence intense aromas.

Berdoues Assam of India is exactly the sort of thing to pick up on a hot and sweltering day, spraying from head to toe to revel in the tannic and citric notes that cut through the humidity like a scimitar. Beautiful, extremely cute bottle too!


  1. Sounds interesting .... I do not know of the company.

    1. They're the ones who produces the famous Violettes. Classic scent. Smells like the gum.
      They have produced new scents lately, which span the spectrum in diversity.

  2. Miss Heliotrope02:20

    It does sound nice - although today it is actually snowing outside Melbourne, for goodness' sake -

    1. Obviously you're having opposite weather. We're scorching today here. *ooof!!* *fanning herself*

      It is rather nice. Has the tea quality down pat. ;)


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