Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jack Eau de Parfum: Withnail has a fume!

Beloved actor Richard E.Grant, the tall gaunt guy with the piercing blue gaze we have come to adore since, oh at least The Scarlet Pimpernel, Withnail & I and Track 29, is launching his very own perfume "Jack" tomorrow, April 2nd at Liberty, London, UK. (And no, this isn't a joke, though I'm sure Richard thought about launching on April 1st being rather funny in a non funny way).

Jack eau de parfum has its own dedicated site, is proudly British and contains shall we say interesting notes. Not to mention that the celebrity launching it is someone how does create anticipation, contrary to many many others in this field.

Jack eau de parfum by Richard E.Grant is a unisex eau de parfum with fragrant notes of lime, marijuana, mandarin, clove, pepper, nutmeg, oud, vetiver, white musk, tobacco absolute and olibanum resin.


  1. Anonymous23:42

    for some reason this makes me flash on alan cumming's scent. maybe it's the marijuana note? ;)


  2. spankysparkle05:33

    Very entertaining story of how it came to be on his site. Would not mind a whiff of this.

  3. C,

    ha, that was the first thing I thought about as well, not that the perfumes would be similar or on the same wavelength but that the celebrities fronting them are related somehow. Maybe because they're both quirky looking great UK actors? That must be it. Love them both to bits!
    I bet this is not the average celebrity scent. ;-)

  4. Spanky,

    I'm looking forward to sampling it if possible myself (hey, powers that be, if you're listening, do drop a drop in the mail please!!)


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