Thursday, December 5, 2013

Optical Scentsibilities: Genie Blue with Stopper Red, Hooved it Twice and Then it Bled

Sometimes a genius idea is the result of a coup de foudre; a lighting crashes and you get that little bulb light over your head, like Benjamin Franklin. Sometimes a genius idea is the result of knowing where to "steal" from; all creative people are magpies, amassing an inordinate amount of data, processing it in the brain, sometimes even losing track of the reference as the idea matures and gains wings. The bottle of Cacharel Loulou, a potent 1980s fragrance, quite the success in its day, is a magnificent case in point.


The extrait de parfum bottle was designed by artist designer Annegret Beier. According to lore "she wanted it to look like Aladdin's magic lamp and chose 2 totally unexpected colors for bottle and cap", to make it more eye-catching. (Yes, it is.)


Behold nevertheless the original inspiration behind that magical elixir Loulou bottle from our younger days (both memorable and a little kitschy fabulous), Le Debut Bleu by Richard Hudnut, a perfume from the 1920s, discontinued and very rare today, but which managed to surface on Australian Ebay all the same a while ago. The similarities are more than apparent, maybe a case of tacenda.



I suppose this post is reprising the Optical Scentsibilities articles, a feature exploring art history and the images of perfumes as well as that of perfume design, that I had started back in November 2007 (wow! I just now realize how long this was an obsession with me) and which can be viewed in the link linked (If you're having trouble going back to the second page with older posts, after scrolling the first, visit this link and the third page of even older results can be found here)


  1. I always found that bottle very Art Deco in design !
    In a SEA of Bottles in the shops now I must say it does stand out too!!!!

  2. M,

    ain't that the truth!
    And lookie, looks like your instinct was right all along ;-) :-)


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