Tuesday, November 26, 2013

L'Artisan Parfumeur Re-Issues a Much Requested Perfume as Limited Edition for Spring 2014

Each year, L’Artisan Parfumeur’s spring limited edition is a much-anticipated event for fragrance aficionados and collectors. For 2014, the iconic Parisian fragrance house re-releases a discontinued fragrance which has been much requested and sought after by its many fans, the almondy Jour de Fête.

This Eau de Toilette was created in 2003 by Olivia Giacobetti, a perfumer long associated with the creativity and originality of L’Artisan Parfumeur. It plays with the symbol of traditional French celebrations: “la dragée” (the sugar- coated almond). Jour de Fête was imagined as a fresh almond surrounded by a layer of icing sugar, and as almond flour with a taste of wheat and honey. Jour de Fête, meaning ‘Happy Day’ or ‘Festival Day,’ is a delicious celebration of this sweet symbol of French celebrations, with its crispy sugary coat melting into a subtle vanilla. Light and airy, the dragée transports us to the wheat fields of the French countryside, reminiscent of the insouciance of childhood. Jour de Fête is a flamboyant yet delicate fragrance, a treat for special days.

The eau de toilette will be retailing for 55 GBP for 100ml, available from March 2014.

info via press release


  1. This is very exciting. I've been looking for this for a couple of years..... Not that it exactly suits me, but I've always liked it.

  2. F,

    yeah, even though I'm not crazy about it, I always rejoice when something is re-issued. This one has fans and is quite, quite pleasant. Hurray, then!

  3. Eleonore19:31

    What a good piece of news: one of my friends love this fragrance and was so disappointed to have lost it...Are brands realizing at last that they shouldn't discontinue their products so recklessly and so quickly ? I wish it were true...By the way, Jour de Fête is the name of a very famous French (funny) film by Jacques Tati and I think L'AP played with both the French spring celebrations ( christenings, communions, weddings where these dragées are so popular)and the name of the film which is a very popular one. Thank you Elena for this article:-)

  4. Eleonore,

    indeed I know about the Tatit film and it is definitely a reference. However the whole text comes from the press release of the company; they choose not to mention it for some reason. Why is that I wonder!


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