Sunday, August 11, 2013

Puredistance Black: new fragrance

"Deep beauty is best experienced in the dark. Envision. Smell. Feel. Don't analyse. Today's trends to know everything and to show everything mute our magic feelings of inuintive beauty. Puredistance Black treaures the beauty of the unknown."

Puredistance BLACK is an understated elegant and mysteriously charming perfume that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering way...

The essence of the concept was to create a perfume that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering way—without shouting. A mysterious fragrance that stays in the shadow, giving away —only every now and then—part of its nature. Perfumer Antoine Lie loved the concept and created a sophisticated perfume full of charm with the same elegant personality as the timeless classic Puredistance I, but then more masculine and oriental. And as a consequence of the concept of BLACK (that treasures the beauty of the unknown) we will not reveal the ingredients of Puredistance BLACK....

Puredistance is created in Paris by famous French perfumer Antoine Lie and it will be available from December 2013 in 17.5, 60 and 100 ml flacons. Expect however a preview from PerfumeShrine in September!

news via press release


  1. Anonymous14:08

    This sounds intriguing. I absolutely adore Opardu and cannot wait to give Black a sniff...

  2. Anon,

    there will be a review coming up as soon as I secure a sample ;-)

  3. Miss Heliotrope02:34

    I am at the point of finding that the whole "mysterious black" thing (must be agitated, I used scared quotes) is being overdone - everyone is mysterious, which is much less so.

    The increase in individuality in six easy steps is starting to get to me.

  4. MH,

    point taken and I agree!

    (I suppose marketing however works on the premise that not everyone thinks that way. Plus the Puredistance scents are indeed pure class, so...let's be hopeful)


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