Saturday, April 6, 2013

L'Occitane La Collection de Grasse: The Vert & Bigarade, Vanilla & Narcisse, Jasmin & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mure (new fragrances)

L'Occitane en Province founder Olivier Baussan and perfumer Karine Dubreuil revisit their southern roots for that prized feeling of authenticity and pure simplicity that the town of Grasse is known about. The duo sign a collection of four new unisex fragrances composed around duos of natural ingredients.

 The bottle and packaging retain a sparse architectural look, highlightening the ingredients themselves and and the shade of the fragrance. Thé Vert & Bigarade is a citrus aromatic, Jasmin & Bergamote is a floral jasmin, Magnolia & Mûre a fruity chypre and Vanilla & Narcisse a floriental. To usher in summer and the ambience of the South of France!


  1. Now I've given it more than a fleeting look, I can see some potential bottles I might wish to have (namely, Narcisse and Vannilla and Magnoli and Mure).

  2. Mmmm - these could be very nice . I have their Mimosia which is very lovely and - of course - discontinued now ! LOL ! Rrrr

  3. I,

    N&V does sound intriguing! (and not done to death already)
    I quite like the L'Occitane aesthetic and concept. :-)

  4. M,

    I know...:-(

    I did find myself quite attracted to their Rose $ Reines. I bought solids for everyone when I went on a trip!
    I hope they haven't discontinued that one as well (gotta check!)

  5. Anonymous17:42

    Looks like the L'Occitane folks and the Jo Malone people were at the same branding and packaging workshop.

    I liked L'Occitane's discontinued Voyage line, so will try these, although they sound like they might be more for a casual consumer than a raw materials hound.


  6. L,

    ha, good observation!

    I think JM is given the short end of the stick because the style has always been rather simplistic (though it's conceptually that way, it's not a "fault") and the colognes meant to be effervescent and not stick around for eons. The packaging however is exceptionally chic to my eye, that cream waffer shade they use is lovely and I like the austere yet "heavy" feel of the bottles.

    L'Occitane has a rural, pastoral quality about them, which is pretty fetching and their whole selling point I guess. I did like some of the fragrances and the look of their bottles/products. I never understood why they discontinued their Voyage en Mediterranee line so abruptly after only -what?- two years on the market or so. I did enjoy a couple of them very much indeed.

    I guess as with everything in perfume-land it's grab it while you still can.


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