Sunday, February 3, 2013

L'Artisan Parfumeur Caligna: new fragrance

The name of the upcoming L'Artisan Parfumer fragrance, Caligna, comes from the Provençal word 'to court' or 'flirt', indicative of the concept of using local ingredients in the formula, such as clary sage and a special "jasmine marmalade" accord recalling a delicacy that perfumer Dora Bagdriche-Arnaud consumed locally. Caligna, the new perfume, is also using such Mediterranean-evocative notes such as fig, mastic, pine needles and oak notes.

Top notes
Clary Sage, Rose Bud, Fig, Mandarin tree Leaves
Heart notes
Clary Sage, Rose Bud, Fig, Mandarin tree Leaves
Heart notes
Pine Needles, Oak chips, Ambrox
 The promo will include images of dancer Gudrun Ghesquière, shot by American photographer Michael James O'Brien, for the first time.
Launch of Caligna by L'Artisan Parfumeur is scheduled for April 2013 and the concentration will be an Eau de Parfum 100ml.


  1. Prince Barry15:27

    The notes for this one sound really interesting, I'm sure Peter Mayle would approve of it haha.

    Dare I say that I am looking forward to it? Pity it is only in 100ml, I much prefer 50ml, then I don't feel as guilty when the next 'must have' fragrance shows up :)

  2. Very promising but I am more intrigued by Jasmine marmalade. I wonder where they make such a dessert

  3. Miss Heliotrope06:21

    Jasmine marmalade...sounds fascinating.

  4. B,

    yeah, but 100ml is an awful lot when one is just trying things without being committed. I just wish the small 15ml option was more widespread in the brand's line.

  5. kostas,

    apparently in some Provencal town!
    Like we make rose petals jam and spoon sweet (I should really devote a post on that). ;-)

  6. C,

    it does, doesn't it. I can well see it being delicious, though I'm sure this is a code name for an accord and the real dessert wasn't exactly marmalade made out of jasmine flowers.

  7. Anonymous06:37

    Sounds interesting. I love Orange marmalade so I can only imagine what this tastes..oops..I mean smells like. Hopefully it won't disappoint when it arrives in April. Unfortunately, a lot of perfumes fail to deliver what they promise and customers are left scratching their heads wondering if they've been bamboozled.

  8. DK,

    as you say, it's better to wait and see!
    I like L'Artisan as a brand and just hope they retain the good things about them, instead of flooding the market with new releases all the time.
    I am hopeful for this one, let's say. :-)


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