Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Perfume Book: Le Snob, Perfume

Don't let the seemingly elitist title deter you: Le Snob is a series of books on eclectic lifestyle little luxuries (whiskey, champagne and shoes...) and it so happens that perfume is the latest tome coming from none other than a friendly voice in the Internet, the man known to Net fumeheads as Persolaise, who's being wittily and successfully writing for the homonymous blog and for Basenotes.

 ‘A well-chosen scent can have a private conversation with its wearer for hours; it can punctuate the day with moments that range from moving to surprising to heart-breaking. The more we are able to understand the language in which perfume has this conversation with us, the better equipped we will be to discover and enjoy the experience of new fragrances.’

Thus was the book introduced to me by Dariush, politely and effortlessly, as befits his whole demeanor, who distilled his experience and his independent opinions in a slim volume out this October from the publishing house of Hardie Grant in the UK. To my understanding it's a guide into the most sought after fragrances, but also rich in advice on practical subjects such as storing fragrances correctly and learning about fragrance families and production techniques. Surely, a handy little tome like that that can serve as both a delightful distraction and as a helpful introduction into savoring perfume never comes out de trop.

 May you have heaps of sales, dear Dariush!


  1. Merci. Coup double: I discover both your friend Dariush 's blog( I subscribed, of course) and his book, that I'll order subito presto. What a treat.

  2. Miss Heliotrope01:56

    Add to Christmas list...

  3. Thanks so much for posting this :-)

    Catherine and Miss Heliotrope: I hope you enjoy the book.


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