Friday, July 30, 2010

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir: new fragrance

Estée Lauder had created a woody amber for women called Sensuous in 2008, luminous and uncharacteristically woody for the brand's feminine audience. The newest interpretation of that concept, just launching for the holiday season, is Sensuous Noir, a more intense expression which takes the original’s "molten woods" accord and adds floral depth and mystery.

According to Karyn Khoury, senior vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies: “Sensuality as an experience and as an emotion has a very broad spectrum of expression. There are many moods, many facets, and many shades of sensuality, which range from the more luminous expression of Sensuous to deeper, darker, more mysterious expressions. This concept of exploring a darker, more mysterious olfactive territory and deeper shades of sensuality inspired the creation of Sensuous Noir.” [source]
Sensuous Noir is based on a chord of melted wood nature print, honey and amber but the floral aspects have been intensified: The fragrance encompasses exotic purple rose, rose essence and spiced lily, to evoke a midnight garden aura. “Queen of the Night,” alongside black pepper accent the scent with sweet headiness and spice respectively. The base includes "Crème Noir Accord" and Patchouli Prisma, alongside benzoin, honey, amber and vanilla, making for a gourmand take on woody.
The bottle of the flanker fragrance echoes the design of the original, only now dressed in mysterious purple.
Sensuous Noir will be available at all Estée Lauder counters in September 2010, the eau de parfum retails for $60, for the 1.7 oz/50 ml, and $48 for the 1.0 oz/30 ml. Additional information is available at:


  1. Hi E.

    Well, I wasn't exactly crazy about the original. I'm trying to be open-minded about this one. But with scent/note-descriptors such as "melted wood nature print", "Crème Noir Accord", "Patchouli Prisma" and exotic purple rose to accompany the basic rose essence, I'm not so sure that this will be joining my collection. Please do let us know if I'm just being cynical!

  2. Anonymous03:19

    I'm actually waiting for the release of this new scent.. :) Thanks! Finally, the long wait is over..


  3. Mimi Gardenia05:34

    Sounds quite lovely. I can't wait to try it. :) I liked Sensuous but never bought a bottle - so many other fragrances called my name ......

  4. Oooooo , now this sounds like it will keep the possums out of my fruit trees! :)

  5. The original Sensuous works really well on me, so I will definitely be trying this one out!

  6. I wasn't wild for the original Sensuous but it was released at a time when i was feeling a bit scent fatigued so I might try again. Generally I find I like these night flankers more than the originals of scents like this but I don't expect it to be super original

  7. Anonymous00:47

    sensuous is one of the few perfumes i actively hate. cashmere mist is another.

    the thought of a sensuous flanker scares me. it may make my coworkers who wear sensuous want to wear it, too.

    perhaps this will be different enough from the original for me to lay aside my fears...


  8. I'm a new reader to your blog, but have loved the few articles that I've read here today. Good stuff!

  9. LilSnifflet01:54

    I find Sensuous to be a good everyday comfort scent. I know it was supposed to be a summer fragrance but i found myself reaching for it most in the fall and winter. It has worked well this summer as well.

    i'll try this one too....but it would have to be deliciously rich for me to add it to my budding collection.


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