Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas '09 Gift Ideas: Last Minute Gifts

The more organised amongst you have already thought out of suitable Christmas Gifts for all your eventualities. If you have been following our Christmas '09 Gift Ideas articles you are all set on great scented trinkets. But there are a few more that are worthy of note and can be bought at the nick of time, to offer at the hostess where you're invited for Christmas dinner or on New Year's Eve, to be the perfect little stocking stuffers, as well as pamepring for yourself or someone close to you.

Ayala Moriel Mini : Cute as a button and sweet as a treat, this mini splash bottle is the perfect size to sneak into a stocking, a pocket or a purse... Yet large enough to contain 4ml (1/8oz) of pure perfume bliss! Ayala Moriel, the talented Vancouver indie naturals perfumer, wants everyone on your list to have a scent to call their own this holiday season, yet without blowing up your budget - the Ayala Moriel Mini is therefore only $35 and comes in a cute jewelry box bow-tied with a satin ribbon, ready for gift-giving. All you need to do is pick your scent! Visit Ayala Moriel Parfums:

Caron needs no introduction: Their fabulously French chic perfumes have written their own history. For Christmas there is the ultimate glove-fitting scent ~Nuit de Noël (Christmas Night). Created in 1922 by founder Ernest Daltroff, Nuit de Noël is a chypre in structure, with a citrus top and oakmoss base, yet the feeling is of an orientalised bottom with sandalwood and vanilla with darkness creeping at the corners. Rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orris root, and precious woods with a sprinkling of spicy cinnamon mingle in its heart along with an overdose of the mysterious Mousse de Saxe "base" (an accord which contains geranium, licorice, leather, iodine and vanillin and which characterises many of the classic Caron scents). Roja Dove, the perfumery head of Urban Retreat at Harrods, saves it to wear every Christmas night. Why don't you try it for this time of the year too?

Indian Song candle (Amouage) The luxury fragrance brand from the Sultanate of Oman also proposes elegant candles. This one offers an oriental trail of exotic woods, ginger, cumin, vanilla and sweet-scented

Infusion d’Iris candle (Prada) This luxurious white candle engraved with the Prada logo reveals a very gentle balsamy-iris fragrance that will thrill fans of Infusion d’Iris and Infusion d’

Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Support the handmade, the arts and an agricultural based industry while gift giving this season. Be part of the change you want to see in the world. Natural botanical perfume is a necessary luxury, most especially during dynamic times. In this age of synthetic chemicals, large corporate structures and computers, botanical perfume offers an escape into the wilderness of nature.
Now through Thursday December 31st receive 15% discount on any order over $25, excluding jewelry at the Illuminated Perfume shop at Etsy. Enter the code word "PURPLE" upon checking out. Read more about the special under the heading Coupons in the shop policy section.

Paul Smith Man candle (Paul Smith) Men CAN like candles, if they look solid, no frills and functional and if they accompany a nice bottle of something drinkable in there too (Tuck this into a basket with home delights). Iris, violet, tonka bean, patchouli, frankincense… the composition follows latest Paul Smith fragrance. Limited edition, available online only.

Elixir candle (Penhaligon’s) The classic British brand has a candle to match their fragrance Elixir: warm wisps of spices, frankincense, balms, woods and more.

Candied Rose candle (L’Occitane) A limited-edition candle to give the subtle scent of sweet petals around the house, in longing for spring. Also delicious? The brand’s Sweet Cherry and Delicious Almond candles.

Eau de Jade candle (Armani Privé) In its dark wooden candleholder, this candle recreates the refreshing charm of the fragrance Eau de Jade. Featuring Calabrian bergamot adorned with accents of neroli, pepper and vanilla.

Pics & notes via official sites, some pics via ebay


  1. Fiordiligi14:28

    I've done all my Christmas shopping (yes, I know, smug) but there are some lovely ideas here, my dear E. Of course it was Roja who told me I simply had to have Nuit de Noel, and he was right! I too wear it every Christmas Eve, but also usually for Christmas week too. Not only is it ravishing but the bottle is absolute heaven too (and you know how I love gorgeous bottles).

  2. I save Nuit de Noel for this time of year. I start wearing it in late November- not all the time. I do always wear it on Christmas eve and day now though.

  3. Mystic Knot11:35

    Nuit de Noel is wonderful - one of my many favorite Carons. The black bottle is also pretty gorgeous.

  4. Looking for fragrances as christmas gifts? Check out the 6 Best Perfumes for Women as Christmas Gifts

  5. Luckily, nobody in the family would appreciate perfume and stuff as gifts but for my dad who is grieving for his Boss Aqua aftershave - got some cheaply on eBay for the next few Christmases. The rest will be chocolate and clothes.
    (did I say that I don't like Christmas at all?)


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