Tuesday, September 22, 2009

L'Air du Temps Cristal d'Or: Limited Edition 2009

A special edition of the classic Nina Ricci scent L'Air du Temps code-named Cristal d'Or is issued, 15 ml of pure parfum (ie.extrait de parfum), in a limited edition 2009, numbered.
The press release mentions "the original juice. We know otherwise...
Retail price 400 euros, launches October 2009 in time for Christmas gifts planning.

Pic via auparfum.com who has a wise commentary on the news (in French)


  1. I love L'Air de Temps- my Mother wears it and it reminds me of her so of course I love it. The yellow, the name, some things don't go out of style for a reason.

  2. How very pretty! This was one of my very first perfume, given to me by my mother upon returning from Paris.

  3. They could come up with something new. Say a dove and an eagle. Or three doves. Just about anything. The flacon is pretty and undoubtedly well done but....

  4. K,

    it's so nice when a beloved person is tied to a fragrance, isn't it? :D

  5. R,

    I can't think of a more romantic choice! How lovely and how fit for a young lady.
    The bottle is rather iconic, so obviously people love it.

  6. L,

    LOL!!!!! I could just see a dove and an eagle, it would be quite the fight (in fact this is more like current L'air du temps, I mean what the expression means, rather than what the standard flacon represents!)
    Cheers to you!!

  7. Helg, I absolutely loved the black flacon and I bitterly regret that it slipped me on eBay. Just making it in black glass added the touch of irony...
    The Air du Temps bottle is a masterpiece - no doubt about that. However, it's been varied in rather romantic, pastel ways, and I'm afraid that it's been kitschified a bit... so I'm having rebellious thoughts.
    Dove and eagle, though, would deserve a different juice. Something tres animalier:D

  8. thanks for the link Helg, I was a bit irritated when I received this luxuous booklet... for your info, there was also a Nina limited edition 2009, with Svarowski cristals, but this one, I even didn't want to mention !

  9. Anonymous16:24

    Liisa, where can we get from eagle and dove? I can see a red/black bottle with an eagle and Prometheus' liver.

  10. Jeanne,

    profuse apologies for being so very late in replying. I only saw it now... :-(

    You're welcome on the link, I thought your commentary was excellent: witty and with the right tone.

    I saw the Nina flacon on osmoz, yes, but really, what's new under the sun!

  11. Lavinia,

    too funny!! A liver though wouldn't help sell bottles (at least not to anyone other than Hannibal Lecter) *laugh*

  12. L,

    I'm with you all the way on the kitchification!
    That black bottle was indeed something. Somehow it impressed me more than a black Shalimar, ~because Shalimar (at least in the vintage) already smells so dark.
    Call it allure of the clashing opposites!


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