Tuesday, September 8, 2009

120 years for Lanvin, celebrated with Arpege 120

1889-2009: Tempus fugit....It's been 120 years since a young seamstress by the name Jeanne Lanvin was inspired to create one of the couture houses that ranked highly at the elegance stakes in Paris. After many decades, Albert Elbaz, current designer for Lanvin, is cleberating ther olfactory heritage of Lanvin with one memorable collectible limited edition of Arpege, the house's enduring aldehydic classic. The scent in Arpege 120 remains the same with the well-loved fragrance, while the outer packaging reprises the mother and daughter duet which was the emblem of the original deign, but in modern Parisian fashion, signed Albert Elbaz.

Arpege 120 will be available in Eau de Parfum spray 100ml (106 euros) et Eau de Parfum spray 50ml (70 euros)

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  1. I have only been using computer for a year, but if I had seen this when you originally posted it, even though I couldn't see to drive, I would have borrowed the money to drive up to District of Columbia and get this. Every year at Christmas, they always had Arpege soap in a two bar gift set and I have rushed out to get it since I first tried it my first year at college in 1966. Now I couldn't smell it, but I'd know it was there.


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